Sunshine Hooking

Three of the hookers from our group are just back from a workshop with Deanne Fitzpatrick in Nova Scotia. The workshop was on hooking abstracts, and both Cheri and Helen had their work with them today. ‘Helen said she was surprised at how much work it was to create the pattern, that a lot of thought and planning went into it. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show up the pattern very well…it has beautifully balanced shape and motion.


She had originally intended to use a variety of colours, but Deanne encouraged her to make it almost entirely red.


 The variety of red wools and yarns she is using is enough to make me drool! I can’t wait to see it progress. 

I spoke about the class with Helen, and she said that many people had a form or shape in mind that they wanted to interpret in an abstract way. I didn’t have a chance to discuss Cheri’s rug with her…but I think you can tell that her inspiration is a forest.


How spectacular!

Lots of other great work for us to oooh and ahhh over as well.

Mary Lou has made this adorable rug for her Great Granddaughter…..


It fits right in with the theme for next Year’s OHCG Annual….maybe she can “borrow it back” to show there!

Gayle has completed her giant flowers.


The colours are so “her”. I believe she picked up this pattern while visiting the Dorr Mill Store.

Cecelia’s lion is really coming along.


Can you believe that this is just her third rug….second really….she took time out from it to do a small rug at a workshop in the fall.

While Marion is also a rug hooker…she is very involved with the embroidery group.


This is a Dutch style sampler she did in cross stitch.


 She said cross stitch usually uses a vast number of colours, but this one is done with just 13. It is amazingly detailed and fine….she described it as “simple” to do ! Wow!

She is very interested in pulled lace as well, particularly Italian pulled lace. This piece is still in progress.


It is all done in white. She’s holding it against her pink sweater so the holes or “pulled” sections would show up.


 The intricacy of this work boggles my mind!

I’ll update the progress of the matrix rugs in my next post.

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