All those matrix rugs!

While Darlene and I have completed our matrix rugs, the others who were  at the workshop are all progressing as well. Some of them were at our Tuesday get together.


This is Cheri’s aztec rug. It’s interesting that when the wool was stacked up, the teal green (second from the centre) was the predominant colour…but as it’s working up, the paler mauves seem to make the strongest impact….I wonder if that will change as the teal is repeated further out?


This is Wendy’s rug. She has been very clever to loop a strip of the intended colour in the centres still to be hooked….it’s so easy to forget what you planned when working with such a wide variety of textures and colours.


Karen is the only one doing the flying geese pattern….I really like it…and wish perhaps I’d chosen to do that design.


Pat (like I did) is outlining her pattern and marking the rows to be hooked in as she goes along. Most don’t need these helps….but they sure made it easier for me.


I’ve been having a “senior’s moment” regarding this rug!! I couldn’t for the life of me remember whose it was….I’ve finally figured out it must be Isabel’s…and if I’m wrong…I’ll apologize later. The ‘gold’ makes a striking contrast against the dark colour group. I think it will ‘set the tone’ of the whole colour palette.

I have actually not worked on finishing my two rugs the last couple of days, I’ve been reading in the evenings….giving my wrist a break. whipping is far harder on it than hooking!

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