A Tribute to Luise Bishop

Long before I ever met Luise Bishop, I knew her by reputation…I recall seeing one of her landscapes at an OHCG annual…and I’ve never forgotten how impressed I was with the beauty and detail of that farm scene.

Last September, RUGG had a tribute day for Luise, and following that, she donated a lot of her work to the rug hooking museum in Chester Nova Scotia. She is still a prodigious hooker, but she now gives away everything that she hooks.

Today was “Luise Bishop Day” at Sunshine rug hookers.

I think this one was my favourite.


This piece is called A Yard of Clowns. (It’s 36″ long) It was originally a bolster pillow for her grand daughter’s bed. I could have spent half the morning looking at all the details.


The leash for the goose is a silver cord and it is added throughout giving marvelous sparkly details.


amazing dancing elephants…what detail on the ‘back blanket’.


The horse’s mane is raised in a hairy wool


This is another in the same series called A Yard of Faces. Luise is well known for her wonderful faces. Apparently She did a third one…I think it was A yard of Animals.


She hooked this mountain lion at a workshop with Yon Ciemiewicz. Her comment was…if you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop with him….DO! He’s a wonderful teacher.


This is a portrait of her grand daughter’s dog. I watched this come to life a couple of years ago as Luise hooked it…and was fascinated by the process.


A beautiful stained glass piece.


What an intricate initial B. I’ve always admired these and wanted to hook one…and will…one day….She said she did it for a contest for “hooked initials” at the Simcoe County Rug and Quilt Fair one year…and ended up being the only one to do one.


A wonderful wooly sheep….hooked with yarn rather than wool strips. I marvel at the seemingly effortless whipped corded edge around the head! Perfect! I could never do that in a million years!


This is a piece of Molay. It is a Caribbean style….but although I’ve googled it…I can’t find a reference anywhere to it….how alive and colourful.

(I’ve just learned that it’s mola not molay.)A Mola, in the Kuna culture, is a traditional blouse worn by the Indian Women. It is made from two intricately appliquéd panels. These colorful graphic panels have long been admired by visitors to the San Blas Archipelago and are collected as an art form. 

Thanks to MizT (hope you can read the yellow print!)


Luise has been on a spate of hooking polar bears …she did the first one because she found a picture she loved…then she said she h
ad to keep hooking them, because people kept giving her more wonderful pictures of them.


She say’s she’s done at least 5 or 6.


Luise brought this large pansies rug to show me that she hooked ‘big’ rugs too”. (I’m afraid I’ve gained a reputation for hooking large pieces.) Since this is done in #3 and #4…I told her it was equivalent to me hooking an 8′ x 12′ rug. She told us that when hooking large rugs, she kept track of the number of hours it took to do the hooking. She stopping counting on this one at 1000 hours. She estimates it took about 1500 hours to complete!

Luise also does tatting and knitting.


She did this tatted piece for the top of a table. Her grand daughter in BC has a full sized tatted table cloth done for her after she commented on a crocheted table cloth belonging to a friend…”Grandma when are you going to make one for me?” Luise got to work…and 3 years later presented a full sized tatted cloth to her. She says her family are her biggest fans….is it any wonder!


She was even wearing tatted ear rings she made!


She also knit this beautiful sweater!

For many years, Luise was a busy and respected teacher. I consider myself so fortunate that I can now count her as one of my dear hooking friends She is always ready to share advice on any aspect of hooking, relate stories of her many and varied escapades throughout the years, and brighten my day with her wonderful smile!

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Luise Bishop

  1. Ah ha….that makes more sense! I thought Luise spelled ‘molay’…but my hearing is sure less than perfect….so it could well be that I just heard it wrong. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I was very lucky to be in a class with Luis she was sitting beside me all week, I enjoyed her humour and her many stories she told, I wish I could have known her in her younger years 🙂 One very talented Lady 🙂 P.S. the class was in NSRHG Fall School.

  3. I’m looking forward to hearing more of those stories next week Victoria…on the drive to Trent, and throughout the week while we’re there. I certainly agree…one very talented lady.

  4. wonderful pictures of Luise’s work! I had only seen the faces one – took a class with her a few years ago, where I hooked the faces for three pieces. What a wonderful lady; totally enjoyed her class, and she taught us so effortlessly.

  5. Lucky you Edie to have been in one of her classes. She stopped teaching at about the same time I became really involved in hooking….but she has shared her articles about faces, and her "flesh recipies" with me.

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