Trent rug display…and Hygieia

Hooking the headpiece has been relaxing after the concentration needed for the face….just wiggly lines, then shadowing them in a variety of wools to fill in. Only one small section to go.


 On Thursday at Trent…the rug display was open to the public, and visitors also  came by the various classrooms to watch what was going on. A couple of people stood and watched me as I completed hooking the eyes.


I didn’t have any embroidery thread with me (that’s what I’ve used previously  for the highlight ), but I wanted them to see the dramatic effect this makes in making the eye come alive……so….I rolled the masking tape back from a bit of the edge, and clipped a thread of the linen and used that.  They were quite amazed at the effect it created. 

I’m obviously not a photographer at heart (or in skill). The rug display at Trent was quite wonderful, but the combination of my being too busy oo-ing and ahh-ing…and knowing my batteries were dyeing…meant that I missed getting pictures of a lot of wonderful rugs. Here are some of the ones I did manage to take photos of…


There are sooo many talented rug hookers!

Happy Canada Day everyone…and Happy 4th of July to all my American friends.

4 thoughts on “Trent rug display…and Hygieia

  1. Hygieia is regal, stunning and absolutely beautiful. Your talent is amazing as is the rugs displayed above. I could not pick a favourite, all show such talent and love of craft.

  2. Thanks so much Sandi…I feel I’ve become addicted to a wonderful art form…..and have met so many wonderful people because of it

  3. I’m liking this even more now that you have the headpiece hooked in! Wow! There were some really stunning rugs there….thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Tammy I think the headpiece is one of the key elements …it frames the face nicely. Mr. Glimt knew what he was doing!

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