More of the Same

The Tour de France is on now…so my hooking has switched to being a morning activity…We even upgraded from 65 channels to 999, just so that I could get TSN2 which is carrying it this year…I really should say ‘listening” to the “tour de France”…since I hook every morning while it is on. I’ve been hooking on Hygieia’s arms, and I’m nearly finished them….


I started with 1 1/4 yards of dip dyed flesh tones….5 pieces each  1/4 yd. One was too red and I discarded it. For the others…some I used lengthwise with the strip running from dark to light…and others I cut crosswise to have either a light or a dark strip.


I shortened her arm which is holding the dish…


it was quite a bit too long.


I don’t really like that arm at this point…


but I won’t change anything now…I’ll wait to see how I feel about it when the hooking around it is complete.

As I was posting the pictures of the Trent display for the last post…I realized that Jill’s Zipper Matrix rug wasn’t there. I knew I’d taken a picture of it…so I went hunting again through my pictures and found I had missed a whole bunch that I had taken of the display…so here they are…. better late than never.


Gail’s dancing trees are so joyous.


Hooking a picture of our house is definitely on my to do list….this provides great ideas (it’s not unlike ours)


realistic flowers…


and padulas


amazing detail


geometric circles


an interesting braided edge


And here is Jill’s version of Zippers…I love it in this colour family (actually much more useful than my purples….which are pretty but won’t go with any room in my house)


I don’t know if this is a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern…but it is
certainly reminiscent of her style.




Two great orientals…

.and of course there were many more wonderful rugs to be seen.

Hopefully I’ll have Hygieia completed to display next year.

8 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. Thanks, Elizabeth, for including my Zippers rug in your Trent photo display. And that beautiful red oriental rug is by Joan, another Campbellford hooker. I have no doubt you’ll have Hygieia to display next year and just know it will be magnificent!jill in Ontario

  2. What a wonderful and talented group you have in Campbellford Jill. I also really enjoyed getting to know Mila (from Campbellford), who was in the Art Nouveau class….we had some lovely chats.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted to say "hi" and how nice it was to meet you at Trent.I am blown away by this new portrait. Maybe you will be able to exhibit them both next year – or was the first one in the show this year? Hopefully, I will get to be there longer next year, so will see you again.

  4. Hi Wendie…It was so great to meet you at Trent, and (don’t tell anyone) but I marked "from photo to mat as easy as that" as my first choice for next year…so hopefully…we’ll get to spend lots of time together. Yes…Adele was in this year’s display.

  5. <html><head></head><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">Hi again,<div><br></div><div>That would be so amazing if my class is a go, because so far the Campbellford gals (4) and the Peterborough gals (I think 4) and you have all picked me first.</div><div>What a group that would be!!! We would have such a great week. Fingers crossed.</div><div><br></div><div>W.&nbsp;<br><div><div></div></div></div></body></html>

  6. Michele that is so cool (or my son would say)…there’s another that has both Adele and Hygieia on it….further down the page…ummm…. 1000 pieces…I think it’s easier to hook it!

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