decisions decisions

The snake is finished.


I switched methods part way through…that is …I started by doing the outlining first, then filling in…and switched to doing the outlining last.


This makes more sense to me (now) since I can adjust the outlining to fit the strips, rather than the other way round.

Next step …the yellow ovals.


I got out my yellows, and finally decided to do them with the same pancake dyed wool I used for the headpiece…connecting the two areas together.


I’ll soon have to make a decision about reds.


I’m not great about mentally visualizing…so I hung up vairous pieces of the light red, and left it there to look at for awhile.


The only real decision I’ve made about them…is I don’t want a plain solid colour (Like I used to try out the ribbons). 

Today is a “rest day” in the Tour de France…so no morning TV watching/hooking. Maybe a good time to try some experimenting with the dye pot.

2 thoughts on “decisions decisions

  1. thanks … glad you like it …it’s a combination…two values plus a dip dye of the same values, plus two other values dyed over oatmeal, and not stirred so it is blotchy. The dip dye came in handy to blend from the oatmeal overdyes to the other lighter values.

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