colour choices

You would think that when hooking a preexisting picture or photo…the issue of colour planning would disappear….Hygieia is essentially two colours…red and yellow…but I suspect the majority of my decisions from here on in will involve…which red where….how…and which yellow where…how.

With the face, hair and snake complete…I decided on the pancake dye yellows for the ovals…and then moved to the yellow circles which are scattered throughout the gown. I started with ‘maple sugar’ since I don’t want these circles to predominate


….but that was too blah…so I added some of the pancake wool which had maple sugar evident (so I could blend in the ends), and used it to create more interest.

I then decided to add some red to see the overall effect.

It is very humbling when someone has the right to say to you “I told you so” …even if they don’t do it….and I was warned….

The reds looked AWFUL. …garish…yucky…Up close it looked fine…but standing back the overall effect was horrible. I didn’t hook yesterday morning…I pondered.


the new ‘reds’ 

In the afternoon, I gathered up all my reds, dug out the dye pots, and overdyed all 4 yards with mahogany. The stove was full of steaming pots while I experimented to get the depth I was looking for. I ended up using 1/16th tsp mahogany for each 1/3 yard of red. (with the bright sunshine…the colours in the picture aren’t really accurate)

Along with the yucky red…I realized that the black outlining of the balls on the dress were also not right. They looked like very sad Christmas ornaments glued to the front of the dress……I know it is often referred to as ‘reverse hooking’….but not for me….I RIPPED out all the red and the black outlining (with a vengeance).


I hooked a bit of the new reds in last night and went to sleep happy. (This colour of red is much more accurate)


 Today I hooked while the bikers climbed the Pyrenees… problems solved ….until the next time.

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