reds and yellows

Having overdyed all my reds, I was left with a darker strip along each edge.


Sometimes (as was the case with the flesh tones) , this edge stands out so much that I end up discarding the strip.


I found out with the red, that if I used it along the edge of the yellow, it made a lovely accent to the edge, so I’m carefully saving them to use in special places for added interest and accent.


I have removed the dark outlining and lines within the balls…it stuck out way too much.


I used a 4 cut of a slightly darker maple sugar and filled in the interior lines, but that didn’t show up well as a delineation between the two balls overlapping, so I used a lighter yellow in the 4 cut and like that much better.


I really like the reds, they seem rich and vibrant, and have lots of motion. The yellow however is a different story. I’ve decided it is too much of the one colour…will be too blah in such large doses…I’ve spent considerable time trying to decide how to introduce more variety and life into the dress yellows without having them look exactly like the snake. My problem is…Glimpt seems to do exactly that…I can’t really see any colour difference between the two…hmmm…what to do ??….wait a minute… Who am I to question Glimpt’s colour choices!

I guess my decision is made as I write this….off to the air conditioned coolness of my bedroom/hooking room to see how it works.

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