carrying on

Just a short post to update my progress on Hygieia. It has been sooo hot, (I would never survive in the tropics….give me a blizzard any day to this!)  and the library where I have my computer is not air conditioned…so …I’m only here for short periods.


In the last post I was complaining about the yellows. I decided not to take drastic action…but just add a variety of other yellows (ones already found in the snake and the ovals) for contrast and highlights. Here is one of the originals and one of the varied ones


As I get more hooked, I find it easiest to rest one end across the bed while I hook. (it also keeps my legs from getting too hot as well.)


And…as I finish longer sections…I’m having trouble finding a place where I can effectively take pictures of her.


I hung her up against a closet in the spare bedroom…but it wasn’t high enough, and she dragged on the floor…which distorts the bottom section, against a chesterfield or bed created the same problem.


I finally settled on spreading her across the floor in the library, and standing precariously on a chair to get the camera over top….this was the best I could do!

The Tour de France finished in Paris today…so my long “hooking mornings” will end as I turn my attention to our camping holiday, and whether I’ll take Hygieia to work on, find something smaller, or…. suffer withdrawal, and go with no hooking at all.

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