Leaving her behind

It was hard…but I’ve finally decided to leave Hygieia at home while we go camping. In fact I’m not taking any hooking at all…sigh…Hygieia is just too big and cumbersome for hooking in the trailer, and she would drag on the ground if I hooked outdoors. The only other hooking I’m working on is the background of the hall runner, and that is even bigger than Hygieia…soo…


I’ve dug out my embroidery box,  some partially finished fingertip towels and a pair of pillowcases…and I’ll do needlework while we’re away. I can carry it all in a small bag….even to the beach if I want.

Hygieia will stay at home with the cats and Doreen, (a friend who’s kindly looking after them all).


Is that a tear I see in her eye?

Talk to  you when we get back.

5 thoughts on “Leaving her behind

  1. Hygieia will be waiting for when you return. Sometimes it is good to walk away from a project for a bit as you will see it with a refreshed outlook when you return. Have a good time and stay safe in your travels.

  2. I hadn’t thought about it from that standpoint Miz T, but you’re absolutely right! Thanks for good wishes I’m looking forward to a relaxing time away.Elizabeth

  3. Enjoy the camping, Elizabeth. The evenings are getting a little cooler and are very nice these days and that’s an important part of the camping experience. The embroidery looks lovely, too! And Hygieia will be there when you return.jill in Ontario

  4. Thanks Jill we had a wonderful time….just got home this afternoon…evenings were cool enough for campfires….love that smell! Hope to get back to some hooking tomorrow.

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