Back Home

We’re back home…the trailer is unpacked and the washing done. We had a great time with one exception…the module that controls the trailer brakes from the van stopped working, so we had to stay an extra day and have it replaced. Apart from the unwanted expense, that wouldn’t have been a problem…except…it meant that I missed a hookin on Wednesday that I was really looking forward to. One of the Sunshine members had invited us to a day of hooking at her cottage on Six Mile Lake, about 20 miles from here. Not only did I miss it…I had intended to get photos of the work being done by everyone to share here…which of course now I can’t do.

Here’s the embroidery I worked on while we were away.


While looking for my embroidery hoop…I found these tea towels , and they were just the whimsy I felt like working on while sitting around the picnic table at the campsite.

This afternoon I had a chance to visit with my grand daughter who is visiting from Regina, and she and I got into the dye pots and had lots of fun. She started out as my official photographer and assistant, but by the end, I was the assistant and taking pictures of her.

We started with some marbelizing….just for fun to see what would happen.


While we did that, I soaked some oatmeal and natural.


then lined up the dyes for experimenting with pancake dyeing for the background of Hygieia


I used sky blue, slate blue, mouse grey, country green, ivy, and mallard green.


Then spooned on each one…ivy was first in the left hand corner


now the sky blue up the middle.etc, ’til all 6 were used and the piece was covered


after a few layers this is what it looked like…I like the gentle blends and muted, soft colours


By now Olivia had it figured out


and was ready to change jobs with me. She was a natural.


all finished, covered and cooking


The results of our afternoon’s work


Maybe a scarf?

The yellow and green marbelized pieces were Olivia’s favourites, and they’re going home to Regina with her. I think the pancake pieces were fun and lovely…but  too predominantly blue for what I want for the background….more experimenting to come.

2 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. I’m sorry you had troubles with your trailor and missed your hook-in, however it’s always nice to have an extra day of vacation. I’m sure your grand daughter learned a lot during your dye session, and that’s just the thing to get her started as another obsessive woolie!!!

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