Preparing the Background

Those of you who read Gene Shepherd’s blog, or are members of the Internet Rug Camp, may have seen my inquiry for Gene’s advice on a background colour (s) for Hygieia. He suggested light green-grey-bluish colours, done with movement. (If you’d like to check it out…it’s in the archives under ‘inspiration’ at

Soooo…I visited the prochem site, and chose 6 new colours…mallard green, country green, ivy, sky blue, slate blue, and mouse grey. My first attempt, wasn’t too successful…


mostly because I made a mistake with the vinegar (didn’t put it in with the dye bath…then tried to correct it by pouring it on directly) as a result, the blue was too strong and too bright.


I overdyed this with ivy and country green with a toothpick of charcoal grey to help dull it down.


I don’t have enough to complete the background , but I think I’ll now dye a few pieces with just one colour each, and see how I like that to go along with what I have.

I’m chugging along with the gown,


and I think I will have enough of the golds and yellows, but I’m going to have to dye more reds. That will be a bit of work, since I used 2 different formulas over two colours of wool, then overdyed it all.


Fortunately I wrote down everything I did…so I just have to figure out how much wool I’ll need, and adjust the dye amounts accordingly….and hope they haven’t changed the chlorine count too much in our drinking water…so that I end up with approximately the same results.

2 thoughts on “Preparing the Background

  1. Elizabeth, this is just a fabulous piece of art. I am in awe of your talent!!!! The background will be beautiful with her dress. I am enjoying watching her progress and thank you so much for sharing her with us.Blessings, Dee

  2. Dee I am humbled by your comments. I think perhaps the most rewarding part of the growing process I’ve been going through since I began this blog….is that I feel I am finding my own style of hooking (and dyeing) that satisfies my abilities and copes with my shortcomings (and there are many). So glad you are coming on this journey with me.Elizabeth

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