Which Gown???

When I first decided to hook  Hygieia, I went on the internet, and found a number of  variations of her.


This was too wide


This was only a section


This one was just right (sounds like Goldilocks doesn’t it)

I drew most of the pattern using this version….primarily because the dimensional proportions were what I wanted (twice as tall as it was wide), and I was able to download quite a large picture. This made it possible for me to graph it out to the 3′ x 6′  size I wanted.

However, when I got to drawing the details, it got quite murky….so I switched to this version,


because the details were more clearly defined. Still later, I purchased a book on Glimt, and studied a photo of the original painting for further details.


So now that I’m completing the hooking on the gown, it doesn’t all quite work out. Some sections which are clearly yellow at the bottom, should be red by the time they get to the top. The trickiest part has been  to sort that out. It has resulted in lots of pondering, and some adjustments in the pattern itself. so that it is balanced and the whole thing makes sense.


Some small details were removed altogether


Some were moved so that the ribbon could be followed logically from top to bottom.

Whew! I think I’ve finally got it figured out, and now there is just a small section of gown to complete.


The actual hooking of the gown has been easy….mostly straight line hooking, with lots of choice for the variations and shades that  I want, since I dyed more reds.

I’m really pushing to get this part finished, because frankly…I’m sick of hooking nothing but reds and yellows. I don’t think I’ll put EITHER of those colours in my next project….I’m looking forward to an entirely new colour pallette for Heidi’s pattern.

6 thoughts on “Which Gown???

  1. You have captured her dress beautifully. I’m really impressed how you simplified it all because even your simplifying is still quite complex. She’s look spectacular and I hope to one day see her in person as it’s hard to really get the scale of the size you are hooking. I’m sure you are getting anxious to start hooking the background. Wonderful work.

  2. I had no idea that there were several versions and they are quite different when looking at the details. What you have done really captures the essence of the original, and I agree with Susan that it is complex. I cannot believe how much you have done in a short time. Pat yourself on the back! She’s wonderful!

  3. Thanks Susan….you’re absolutely right…I’m looking forward to starting the background….still not sure what shape it will take…but I think I’ll just jump right in at it and see what happens.

  4. Miz T there are quite a few sites on the internet that offer oil paintings of the masters, done by copyists….many done to order in the size or background colour of your choice….that’s where I located all these ‘versions’ of Hygieia. I’m somewhat amazed myself that she has progressed so quickly…I’ve spent more time hooking than usual this summer, that’s for sure.

  5. You’ve done a wonderful job Elizabeth. You are an artist with your dyepot. Remember that this is your artistic expression of the subject. Approaching any project this way, even a reproduction of anothe’rs work frees your mind and lets you enjoy the process even more. Fly my dear!

  6. Thanks Debbie…I think I’ve enjoyed hooking the two Glimt pieces, more than any I’ve done. I’ve certainly learnt the most by hooking them, but, at least for me, every new piece is a chance to learn. That’s one of the best aspects of hooking. …well that and all the great people I’ve met through hooking 🙂

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