Well that’s Not Good!

Susan mentioned that it was hard to get the scale of Hygieia from the pictures, so I had my son Mathieu stand beside her to perhaps give a better idea of her size. (It’s hard to find a place to hang her …..here the hooking starts about a foot off of the floor)


After finishing up the last small section of the gown, I happily started working on the background. It didn’t take me long to realize that, although I liked the background by itself,…… against the gown it was a different story. I decided to keep going for awhile, because I very often don’t like something when I start it, then change my mind after I’ve looked at it for awhile.

I did this section, and hung it up to look at for the rest of the evening.


….but….they just look horrible together.

This morning I got out my box of greens, and held up a variety of options. I soon realized I didn’t like anything with blue in it at all but these pieces from my stash do look good…(why didn’t I do this before….sigh…)


So my lovely pile of background wool will head to storage, and I’m off to the dye pots once again. This time for a grey…mossy green.

4 thoughts on “Well that’s Not Good!

  1. On my monitor I agree that the blue isn’t quite the right match. It’s looks sky blue and would need a wash of pale gray or tan. I do love the meandering way you have hooked the background as it compliments the straight lines of the gown. The greens will look good. After all, it’s background and a softer color, not dominant. Tell Mathieu thanks for helping with the perspective. Wow…she’s big!

  2. Glad you agree Miz T. Even my husband agreed that the blues didn’t look good….and he usually likes everything I hook (great to have a fan in the house). I intend to keep the same meandering style of hooking with the greens.

  3. I’m glad you took this picture so we could see how big it really is. I had imagined it much smaller. It is stunning!

  4. Sharlene…I’ll let Mathieu know his cooperation was worthwhile. When I asked him, I said "Mathieu can I borrow your body for a minute?" I think he came upstairs expecting to move or carry something for me, and was pleasantly surprised when he just had to stand by Hygieia.

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