A change is as good as a rest????

I have finished the background of Hygieia, and have only the neckpiece and bracelet to complete.


But I haven’t pulled a loop on it all week. I learned on Monday that there was an area at the Quilt and Rug Fair this weekend that needed a large rug…So I decided to do the finishing on my large hall rug in a BIG hurry.


It’s 45″ x 66″ and that was a LOT of whipping to do in 2 days…but Whew…I did it, and today I just have to sew the remaining tape edge down, and steam the edges.

It was actually a great thing to have this deadline…the hooking has been finished for nearly a year, but I needed this goal to do the ‘dreaded’ whipping . 

These are the pieces for our ‘draw’ at the Quilt and Rug Fair this weekend….


The three items represent three very different styles of hooking.


Luise Bishop hooked these adorable polar bears….fine shading done in a 3 cut.


Cheri Hempseed designed and hooked this tea cosy  with hand cut mixed fibers


Linda Wilson hooked this wonderful Santa and Christmas tree.

Here are  some of the items made for the sale table.


There will also be lots of rugs on display…as well as quilts (always a huge number and breathtaking), weaving, embroidery, and other fiber arts that I’ve likely forgotten. If you’re in the area of Barrie Ontario this weekend…pop in to the Simcoe County Museum….you won’t be sorry!

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