Set Up and Take Off

Thursday morning was spent at the Simcoe County Museum in Midhurst (just outside Barrie Ontario) helping to set up for the Quilt and Rug Fair. The quilters have by far the biggest display, and have a large room all to themselves. We share a smaller room with the weavers. While the show is actually on, I’ll be busy, so I took pictures after the set up was pretty well finished.

Here is the Draw table ….ready to go.


Some items are for display, and some for sale….wouldn’t you love to have Kathy’s wonderful piece hanging in your home? It’s a picture of her grandparent’s garage.


The museum has installed picture rails (which we didn’t know until we arrived) so our set up plan went out the window, and an entirely different display style was used. Next year, we’ll know to have small dowels for the tops of the rugs so they don’t sag. The four seasons rug at the top was hooked by Hilda Hayes…our beloved 90+ years young blind  hooker (with finishing and assistance by Gail Mueller)….designed by and hooked for her granddaughter. The colour panel on the right…hooked by Linda Wilson…should really hang horizontally and is a depiction of the colours of the spectrum and sound waves for a particular fragment of song …an amazingly creative piece!


Some of the rugs are done by the Barrie group, so I don’t know anything about them…but the middle one here…Margaret hooked for her husband…and used just outlines of local swamp critters and flowers. I think the monochromatic style is striking! The antique car belongs to the hooker’s husband.


My hall rug, and beside it a large piece of weaving (which wasn’t up when I too this picture), are appropriately in ‘the hall’ to lure people to our areas.


Here are some of the items on the sales tables


Our group’s featured items this year were proddy pins and patchwork cats.Apparently we have more than 60 brooches for sale…wow!

That’s the ‘Set Up’ portion of this blog…now for the take off…

On Tuesday Ray and I leave again for a fall camping trip (sure hope it warms up a bit) . We get home on September 27th, so I’ll see you then. 

2 thoughts on “Set Up and Take Off

  1. I really enjoy viewing rugs that people create, especially the ones that they design. These are wonderful, whimsical, stunning creations. I think my favorite is Hilda’s Seasons rug. And the patchwork cats are sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Miz T I did this blog in a hurry yesterday before leaving for my first ‘shift’ at the museum…and this morning I’ve added more information about some of the personally designed rugs. The skills and variety never cease to amaze me. Thanks for commenting!

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