Show and Tell at RUG

One of my favourite portions of RUG is the Show and Tell, and the chance to see and hear about a multitude of rugs in all shapes and sizes. I tried to take pictures as they were being presented…but the large corner window in the room made my photos too dark. Many of the rugs were displayed in another room after lunch, so I was able to get better pictures of those that were there….but I’m sorry to say, I can’t remember the background for many of them. 


a Rittermere winter scene


Such an interesting story behind this rug….hooked by Gayle Gunby…these are members of her family who fought in either the first or second world war…now together for all time…with the names of battles they were involved in around the border. The woman is Gayle’s mother. (Thanks to Debbie Bloom for recognizing the rug and passing on information I had forgotten)


A very old pattern done in fine cut.


This is Willa’s cat Jake….she calls him Jake the biter….wonder why?


This is a Jennifer Manuell matrix rug, begun at our workshop with her last March.


Darlene’s lady makes me chuckle.


This may be a very familiar pattern to many…It was a free insert in RHM and featured as a rug challenge by followers of Gene Shepherd’s blog. Great to see another interpretation, I love the border.


I think this must be for some lucky dog!


If I’m correct…the hooker of this rug said she decided to just pick up her hook and start…and she hooked it without any pattern


A wonderful log cabin…I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to do one.


Gail Laberge’s wonderful sunflowers…a pattern she picked up on a trip to New England


These oak leaves were hooked by Gail Mueller. She began it at Trent in the primitive class with Bea Grant.

Happy Thanksgiving to all  fellow Canadians. I’m looking forward to an artist tour in the nearby countryside and a yummy turkey dinner with family.

4 thoughts on “Show and Tell at RUG

  1. OMG, I just took a long stroll thru your past few blogs , enjoyed all the rugs and was inspired by all. I was particularly moved by the piece hooked with military who have served our country to protect and serve us. THank you for sharing the rug pictures.Saundra

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the rugs Saundra. I’ve just updated the ‘military rug’ info….thanks to a friend who recognized it and knew more about it than I did.

  3. I agree with Saundra, thank you for sharing these. The matrix rug keeps my eyes moving across it scrutinizing the design, and other rugs are restful and serene. I always think it interesting how a rug can give you a feeling or mood, or bring back memories. Very talented ruggers!

  4. Miz T…In the introduction to our program at Rug…Cynthia Young began with the statement…"rug hookers are story tellers" ….and I think when our rugs create "a feeling or mood, or bring back memories"…we’ve been very successful with our creations. Thanks for putting it so succinctly …I’m so glad you enjoyed these ‘Ontario creations’.

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