Starting Fat Cat

finally, now that The Quilt and Rug Show, and RUG are over…I’ve been able to do a bit of quiet hooking on my own…..and I’ve been getting started on  Heidi Kramer’s  Fat Cat pattern.


I had quite a lot of wool that I dyed for Hygieia, that for one reason or another I didn’t use, so that it the basis of my colour palette. 

I’m using  a batch of pancake dyeing I did over a yellow cashmere jacket I found at the Good Will, that I loved, but it just didn’t fit into the scheme for the robe of Hygieia.


I chose the soft greens and blues, that I originally  had dyed for her background, and again didn’t use.


I picked up a grey tweed, and a very pale grey plaid, that I thought would be nice for the background, but I’ve since decided that I want the background pale brown…so I intend to overdye this wool and see what I come up with.


This is my colour palette so far (at least today….subject to change)…don’t want to box myself in here! 🙂

The cat, I’m fashioning after my own ‘fat cat’ Akuma…who is a sealpoint siamese….


so I plan on dip dyeing a very dark brown and letting it fade out to a  pale creamy tan, for his coat. All the dyeing is in the future, and for now I’m playing with the flowers.


I decided to go big and bold colour-wise…and I’m mixing red gold flowers, with purple blue ones. I want this to be a fun piece…no subtlety …just ‘in your face’ fun.


I tend by nature to be a monochromatic person…so this juxtaposition of red and purple, is a wide leap out of my comfort zone….but surprisingly I like it!

10 thoughts on “Starting Fat Cat

  1. Oh I love those reds. Red and purple are great together. My former hooking teacher’s favorite colors are red, purple and teal. I gave her a gorgeous scarf for her birthday that has all those colors together. She has been instrumental in getting me to use more bold colors. I tend to be soft and blendy sometimes. You go for it girl!

  2. I think I’m getting braver Debbie….on my hall runner I changed the grapes into flower clusters rather than have red and purple together…so this is progress!

  3. Thanks Pjb I have my fingers crossed. I must admit it’s refreshing to work on something small enough that it’s easy to carry around.

  4. Elizabeth, I just LOVE the colours of those flowers! I think this will be a very fun and beautiful mat! I’ll enjoy watching it develop, as I have with all of your pieces so far.jill in Ontario

  5. Your colors will be beautiful. Akuma is a handsome fellow, and I can’t wait to see you hook his blue eyes. I think you’re going to have fun with this one!

  6. Thanks Jill…the longer I look at them, the better I like them too. Improving my skill with colour is a big aim for me.

  7. I’ve been thinking about those eyes MizT, and I think I’ll alter the pattern slightly to make them more prominent. Eyes are such an important feature on a Siamese.

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