Mental Gymnastics

I seem to go through these mental gymnastics with every piece I do! I like it…I don’t like it…..I’ll change it…I’ll leave it…it’s OK…it’s all wrong. 

Fat Cat is no different. I altered the central flower, and while I was working on it…changed it several times…I started with the variety of blues, but the petals didn’t have enough delineation


Then I tried a blue dip dye so the edges of the petals would stand out


I settled on the dip dye.

Now…I’m not sure at all. The colours I like…since it will be against the dark brown body…my dilemma is….does the dip dye I used in order to delineate the petals, make it look out of character with the rest of the piece….too refined?


I think my decision is…leave it for now, and see what I feel after the body of the cat surrounds it. If I still don’t like it…I’ll remove the inside petals, and use something more resembling the inside of the upper purple flower.

About the body….I looked through all my dyes to see what I might have that would work for the dark brown/black….and found 2 cushing dyes that I think will work. I have a confession to make here….I have no swatches to go by. The Sunshine Rug hookers have the swatches for “Primary Fusion”, and I borrowed and used them extensively as I began dyeing most of my wool about 2 years ago. I found that what I ended up with was seldom if ever exactly like the swatch (different water, natural dorr rather than white dorr etc.) So at this point…I eyeball and use paper towel dips to determine if I’ll like my results. Sometimes it works….sometimes it doesn’t…but my tastes are turning more and more to variety of depths and shades and colours in everything  I do …so…exact matches have pretty well moved off of my screen. I do record my recipes as I use them…so that I can dye more when needed.

A good example of how my style has changed….The large purple flower’s outside petals, are done with a piece of deep teal left over from an oriental I did when I first went back to rug hooking, about 5 years ago.


I loved the wool at the time..and it is appropriate for the oriental…..but now…the fact that those outside petals are  one solid colour bugs me to the extent that I’m having trouble leaving them there.


How my tastes change!

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