Back to the Dye Pots

I didn’t wait until the cat was done to make up my mind about the central flower. 


 After consulting with my friend Jean…I ripped it out and redid the centre. I like it much more now.



Time to get the wool ready for the cat, and the background. The colours I decided to try were khaki drab and medium brown (cushing). When I checked back in my recipes…those were the two colours I’d chosen when doing a brown dip dye for my hall rugs…so I decided to go with the same ratios. 

For the body of the cat I started with the same recipe over a lesser amount of wool. 1/64 tsp medium brown, and 1/16th teaspoon khaki drab. 

The cats were snoozing in the TV room,


so I draped the wet wool over them to check the colour.


…right tones…just not dark enough.

I re-dyed the first piece, and doubled the recipe for the second one. By then Akuma had decided it wasn’t cool to have wet wool plopped on his back….so I ended up chasing him around the house trying to get a picture of his back, and the deeper colour


.. He is not impressed with being the subject of a rug!


Not too bad…


but I’ll overdye with a bit of black to get it even closer. 

For the background, I cut the recipe in half, and then only used 1/2 of the dye bath. That was fine for the light grey…but the tweed didn’t appear to me to change at all. I spooned the rest of the dye just over the tweed….but still couldn’t see any change. I figured the tweed was a lost cause, until I compared it with the original,


and realized it had, in fact changed colour.


I hooked a bit of the background colours in, and I’ve decided to do the next batch even lighter, and mix it all up.


The leaves are still a question mark…but I’ve dabbled with them.

The next few days will be spent doing the finishing on Hygieia. The Orillia Museum of art and History…OMAH…is having a fund raiser, in the form of a house tour…where each house is displaying the work of local artists. One house is devoted to displaying hooked rugs….so here is our chance to help the museum, and at the same time promote the art of rug hooking. I finished the bit of hooking on the neckpiece and did the bracelet…then steamed the whole piece.


Next step is the dreaded ‘sewing of the zigzag’ . Then turning it back….no whipping for her!

7 thoughts on “Back to the Dye Pots

  1. Watching the building of Hygieia has been instructive and encouraging. Are you going to take us through your plan to finish the edges? This would be very helpful.Thank you for sharing all the steps.

  2. the heart of a generous teacher.  thank you. thank you. une mille mercis.  that's texas French for a thousand thanks.<br>z.

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