A Remembrance Day Rug and Managing Worms

After I had finished taking the pictures of Mary Lou’s rugs last Tuesday, someone whispered to me….get a picture of Ann’s rug before she sends it away. Since I had been late arriving, I’d missed seeing or hearing about it….but when I did I was deeply moved. 

Ann Hallett is a well known artist, teacher and designer, who lives in Coldwater (just down the road from Orillia). She hooked this wonderful “Remembrance  Rug” out of ‘stump sox’ and military uniforms which were donated by veteran amputees. Stump sox are the wool sox that are pulled up over the stumps of amputated limbs to reduce friction and absorb perspiration under the prothesis….can you imagine anything more appropriate for this rug!


The colours are stunning!


This is the back and the dedication


…a little more information about its making. What a keepsake.

Thanks Ann for sharing it with us…Lest We Forget..

Now from the sublime…to the ridiculous…

Rughookers will know exactly what “managing worms” means…but for those of my family who faithfully read my musings, and aren’t hookers, or perhaps newbies catching my blog……worms are what rug hookers call the cut strips of wool that are left over when a piece is finished hooking.


The more you hook…the more you acquire…and most of us being frugal…don’t throw them out…but stash them away for when we need that little bit of light yellow-green, or a touch of red…etc. My problem being…trying to find what I want amongst the bags and bags  I have stashed in a big box. Til now…I’ve kept them by project…using them when I thought…”that yellow from Adele would work well here”….then rummaging to find that bag, and rummaging further to see if there’s any yellow left in it. What a pain!…so I usually instead, go to my yellow bin…and cut into a larger piece of uncut wool…leaving more worms, when I don’t use everything I’ve cut.

My arm, shoulder, and neck have been sore recently, so I’ve been trying to moderate my hooking time, and decided that sorting my worms would be a useful occupation. I thought that sorting them by colour made more sense than leaving them by project, so I bought a new box of large ziplock baggies, and plunged in.


I was quite specific with colours….light yellow green…light blue green…orange red….cherry red …etc.


then I found some pants hangers, and put several bags in each one, and hung them up so they’re easy to see. They look pretty, and can be easily accessed. Not the best hangging solution…but certainly better than what I had. I’d sure be interested in how others store their worms.

Maybe I should do a ‘hit and miss’ rug next.


6 thoughts on “A Remembrance Day Rug and Managing Worms

  1. Gayle…I’m so envious! What a great little chest of drawers. I think I’d have to leave them slightly open just to be able to enjoy them all the time. 🙂

  2. Where are the rest of your worms? That doesn’t look like very many to me…. LOL! I like to hook with a variety of worms all of the time, so I keep mine in clear shoeboxes and just grab and add as needed.LOVE Ann’s work — thanks for sharing the story with everyone.

  3. Ha ha Jen…it felt like lots when I was sorting them. I just started acquiring a stash 2 years ago….so give me a little more time 🙂

  4. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Re: [rughooking] Comment on &quot;A Remembrance Day Rug and Managing Worms &quot;</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <FONT FACE="Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial"><SPAN STYLE=’font-size:11pt’>Yes, they definitely multiply with time….LOL!<BR> <BR> I just got my shoeboxes at Canadian Tire or Zellers or something….they often come on sale and are sometimes sold in packages of 5 (with a savings, I think). &nbsp;One thing I know for sure is that you should buy a few more than you think you will need….. :-D<BR> <BR> <BR></SPAN></BODY></HTML>

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