Fat Cat Decisions and Changes

Several areas in my Fat Cat rug have had changes and adjustments…..the face…the body direction…and the background.

The face problems are mostly because I’m making my Fat Cat into a Siamese…without really altering the non-siamese face shape of the pattern. The area on the head between the ears began dark……changed to light (sorry I didn’t get a picture while it was light) , for the sake of reality….then reverted to dark, for the sake of the look of the hooked cat.


I didn’t like the skinny nose area so I broadened the dark area on each side of the nose….and


although the markings don’t match those of Akuma…with the exception of that little bump above one eye….I’m satisfied with how they look on the piece.

I played with various options for the background, but had pretty much decided on a basically light beige  swirly background done with a number of wools…..that is ….until I did a portion of the outside border in the darker tweed…


.and realized there was simply too much BROWN….way too BLAH! I debated about redoing the whole background in a pale blue…and put in some pieces to check the effect. 


(the blue stands out much more in the picture than it does in reality)

Much to my surprise…I liked the look of the small bits of blue mixed in with the light beige…and at least for now….that’s how I’m planning to continue. It gives a hint of a sky without being one. I think I’ll try dark brown touches along the bottom to give the same hint of earth without actually using a horizon line…..or maybe I’ll just mix the whole thing together….

The biggest dilemma I’ve faced has been on the directional hooking for the body. Around the neck and shoulders,it was obvious….but what about over the back…from the tail back and the flank.


..I thought I had it figured out, drew in guide lines and started hooking….it was WRONG.


I checked out the direction of Akuma’s hair when he was sitting in approximately the same position.


I straightened the lines out and tried again…and that’s where I am right now.


Still very much a work in progress. (the angled strips will come out)

Talking about a ‘work in progress’…the hall wall is progressing, and will be a wonderful home for Hygieia…


as long a my dear husband doesn’t slip on the ladder….it’s a long way down to the front hall.

8 thoughts on “Fat Cat Decisions and Changes

  1. Fat cat is looking great, I like your changes. But I’m a little worried about your husband, looks pretty dangerous to me!!!!!!!!!! Take care.

  2. Thanks Sondra…I learned to do eyes at a workshop with Anne Boissonot….it was fairly simple to adapt the method to cat’s eyes. (I also stared into the eyes of my feline model quite a bit. )

  3. Hi Elizabeth,My first kitty was a Siamese named Little Bit…brings back fond memories. Great job on the color of his face and body. The background is awesome too!By the way, I took your advice with the worms/noodles and separated mine the same way. All nice and neat too! Thanks for the suggestion.Sheri Buerke Ahner from St. Louis

  4. Hi sheriSo glad that my noodle solution helped you. Mine looked like nothing all scrambled together, but now I look at them and think….there’s a hit and miss rug there..

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