Bits and Pieces

Fat Cat is coming along. I changed the upper part of the leaves that were not showing up..


When viewed from a distance the top just disappeared.


What a difference that one lighter strip makes. Thanks for the advice Jean.

I’ve completed the body,


and I’m pleased with the way the extended shading has worked out. I thought about putting the glue on the whiskers now, but fortunately I didn’t…because then I realized I could have created quite a mess if I’d steamed over the glue….so I’ll wait and do that after it’s all steamed and ready to bind.

Now just the border and background to finish.

I so appreciate all the little tips I’ve picked up along my hooking journey, that help to make my work just a little bit better. Gene Shepherd’s method of doing a square corner is just one example.


The first thing was to take note of the turn, and keep it in the same line at each corner (should be obvious….but I used to just ‘turn away’) On this border…the vertical lines all go right to the end of the lines. Then he suggests snuggling up the last few loops before the turn, quite closely, and make the turn right into the next space. Then leave an extra space before starting down the new side, so the loop has room to relax. I think my square corners are much neater now than they used to be.

 I’ve been drawing sketches for the chair seat and back. My first thought was to do something old and antique-ee, but then I thought about the fact that it will ultimately go to one of my three sons, and now I’m thinking of something more abstract and modern, that they might appreciate.


Still very much at the doodling stage. I’m not really sure yet if it’s appropriate for this style of chair. I’m thinking of browns and blacks…a combination I find striking, and it would go with almost any colour of decor, as well as not detract from the beautiful colour of the wood. But everything is just in the very early planning stages. 

We’ve had about 10 cm,( 4 inches) of snow for the past few days, but it’s supposed to be up to 11 C. by tomorrow ( can’t remember what that is in fahrenheit ….mid 50’s I think) weird to be that warm here in late November!


6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. You are such a productive rugger! I can’t believe how much you have accomplished, and it is beautiful. The subtle changes you make really make a positive difference and I like how you tell us your thought process so we can understand why you are doing something. As for the whiskers, have you thought about liquid starch? It would stiffen the whiskers and not show sheen like glue. It would also need to be applied after steaming.

  2. Miz T I think that verbalizing my thought processes in this blog has been the biggest growth tool for ME. It’s really helped me clarify what I like, what I can live with, and what I must change to feel satisfied. My productivity is unfortunately closely related to having spinal stenosis, which makes it difficult to do many other activities.I never thought of liquid starch…would it be applied just by your fingers?

  3. Some people with health issues would curl up in a ball and not even think about doing what their bodies would allow them to do. That frocus on what they can’t do. I’m glad you do what you can and I learn from your productivity! Yes, liquid starch can be applied with your fingers giving care not to drip it on your wool loops. I don’t know what your whiskers are made from so they might need 2 coats with some drying time in between. Clear drying glue would work perfectly fine too!

  4. Miz T…about two years ago I was driving past the local Salvation Army, and read this on the sign on their lawn "Love the life you have, not the life you want" . It had a profound impact on me…and I have tried to make it my personal motto since that day.Elizabethps…i made the whiskers out of a strand of the linen backing that had frayed off….so it is quite soft and will likely need two coats of whatever I use.

  5. I loved the way you did the flowers, but I wondered if they would take your eye away from the cat. Because of the deep colors on him he really holds his own. You did a wonderful job with him, the dip dye really is effective on his body. Great job!!

  6. Whew….glad that worked out OK Debbie..thanks..I always knew I wanted a very dark cat…my Akuma fat cat is an ultra dark seal point. Glad you like the dip dye. I like how it turned out too.

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