Hooking With Friends

What a lovely day I had today (friday). While much of North America was apparently shopping…..I was happily curled up at Cynthia’s house, sipping coffee, chatting, eating,  and hooking with friends. 

The day was warm, and the sun was streaming in through the windows. Kathy and Helen left their hooking at home and brought knitting instead. The wools they were working with were so yummy…I’m almost (but not quite) inspired to start knitting again myself. 

Gayle was sewing old jewelry mementos unto a Christmas tree hanging her mother had made. The rest of us were hooking. (I’m so sorry I didn’t get photos of everyone)


Cynthia and Pat are sharing a joke


Cheri needed a lot of room for her large piece


 Jeanne is hard at work.


This is Cynthia’s ‘Wonky Christmas Tree’…she put the finishing touches on it ….then


Began a new Christmas  ‘banner’ for this year. 


Marion was working on the background of a scroll…I think it’s to be a pillow.


This is a ‘Deanne Fitzpatrick’ inspired piece Jeanne has just begun.


Pat hooks with 100% wool yarn. I can’t wait to see her bird

Cher’s ‘Girl Playing Hopscotch’ has really progressed since I last saw it.


She drew the pattern, and used a Klimt style background at the top.   It is really long …I would guess about 8 feet, but I never thought to  ask.


 I never cease to be amazed at her wonderful and bold use of colour.


Cheri cuts her strips by hand and uses a wide variety of materials. 


The hair is a sweater that she cut up (or I think perhaps unravelled)…since the kinks of the used wool form wonderful curly hair.

I was hooking the last of the background on Fat Cat, and I will force myself to go straight to the finishing when it’s done…I’m aiming to have it totally completed next week…..then it’s back to the hall runner and getting it finished before I start on anything else. (Hopefully by writing it all here, I’ll feel bound to do what I’ve said I will…before I start on a brand new venture)

4 thoughts on “Hooking With Friends

  1. For my holiday season that would be the perfect way to spend the day. Sitting with friends crafting gifts and chatting and enjoying the sunshine. Everyone is making beautiful hooked items, and as a knitter I understand the portability of knitting projectsas opposed to all the hooking gear. Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Yes Miz T it was a perfect day….as Cynthia reflected last night in an email…."who’d have thought we’d have so much fun in retirement? "

  3. You all look so cozy and happy. It gave me a nice feeling. Thanks for the pics. Thet girl playing hopscotch is amazing. Please tell your friend I am blown away.

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