What’s next????

All the hooking is completed on Fat Cat.


He’s waiting to be steamed, but since all my hall furniture is currently in the living room , and on the dining room table ….I’m putting it off for a day or two. (Fixing the wall to hang Hygieia has turned into a major reno and redecoration of the entire foyer, and downstairs and upstairs halls)….exciting… but messy at this point!

True to my word, I’ve been working on the background of my hall runner. I was rather surprised when I got it out. In my mind I didn’t have so much to finish.


….the top


…the middle


….the other end

Guess I thought that the “hooking fairies” might have been busy on it while I wasn’t. I’m also going to have to dye more background wool. Ordinarily I love dyeing…but doing this antique black is a messy business and I always end up with black fingers for a few days. (I have an aversion to wearing rubber gloves!!)

I started this project two years ago, and I’m finding it interesting now to look at it and realize how my hooking style has changed in that time.

I’ve changed my mind about hooking a seat and back for my walnut armchair…decided that it really needs to be caned…as it was originally. However I have an urge to hook a chair…so my attention has turned to my victorian nursing rocker…


which badly needs new upholstery.

It sits on this rug,


so I’ll try to use this colour palette…I’ve lately read several articles about dulling down colours, and I think they’ll come in handy if I go ahead with this. It will be an exercise in restraint for me to hook something muted!!

 I can’t see covering this in anything ‘modern’ or ‘abstract’ so I’m considering using aspects of the Jacobean ‘tree of life’.  I downloaded a variety of pictures to give me ideas and inspiration.


I don’t want to hook it in anything smaller than a #6, so next thing is to get out the paper and pencils, and see what I can come up with.

The city sidewalk plow just came by to remove the snow…first time this season….maybe winter is finally here!

6 thoughts on “What’s next????

  1. I love the fat cat rug. Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!I know what ever you do next will be fantastic . Hope hubby has the hall done and is off that ladder.

  2. SO glad you like Fat Cat Pjb…I’m happy with how he turned out too. The hall certainly isn’t done yet, but the wall is replaced, all the pre-painting work is complete, the scaffolding is down, and Ray put the first coat on both the upstairs and downstairs ceilings tonight. (I even helped with the cutting in on the corners).

  3. Oh my gosh, Fat Cat is wonderful!Elizabeth, I wanted to congratulate you on your article about Klimt in the OHCG newsletter. The two pieces you hooked look quite spectacular in the magazine!jill in Ontario

  4. Thanks so much Jill. The article in the OHCG newsletter is due to the efforts of our president Margaret Kennedy, Her husband took the photos, and Margaret organized it all and looked after sending it in. My contribution was to edit the talk I gave at R.U.G. in October, so that it was suitable for reading instead of speaking. (It was fun to see it all in print though…and David’s photo of Hygieia is better than any I’ve been able to take)

  5. I love the fat cat. Your work is so much fun and like you muted colours aren’t as much fun. I have been working (too long) on a wide cut crewel. The elements work the same as fine cut. Jeanne Field taught this workshop 2 years ago at Loyalist

  6. Liz I often saw that workshop offered by Jeanne, and wished I was able to take it…I’m sure it was wonderful….did she work with 6 values? , dip dyes? or??? I’d love to see your piece..

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