Winter Birches

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern just now….waiting for a parcel to arrive before I decide on my next project. ( I have been thinking of a number of possibilities)

I’ve dyed more antique black and hopefully I now have enough to finish the background on my hall runner. i feel a bit lost…that’s the only thing I have to hook on right now.  Of course I could be doing the whipping on any number of pieces….but I only seem to be motivated to do  that when I have a deadline to meet!

Recently I participated in a “Four Seasons Swap” with the Yahookers. We were to keep them ‘secret’ until they arrived at our swap partner’s home. Mine went off at the beginning of December, and arrived safely, so now I’ll share it here.


This is the finished piece.

It was to be exactly 8″ x 8″ so the four swaps (one for each season) could eventually be joined if wanted.  I hunted for inspiration, and at the bottom of a drawer found an old Christmas card, which pleased me.


I drew a portion of it on a scrap of linen…


and went searching for wool in my stash. I didn’t end up using the light purple as it was too solidly one colour.

I took it with me when we went camping in September. It was a great size to travel with. I used a small embroidery hoop, and the hoop and all the wool fit easily in a small fabric bag.

It’s all done with bits and scraps. 

The snow was from the left-over background of this stained glass piece. 


The evergreens are done from a piece of wool that ‘didn’t work’ when I tried some marbelizing awhile ago….I used it also in the light blue/mauve section of the matrix rug. Amazing how useful that ugly ‘mistake’ turned out to be.


It’s the drab colour in the light row.

The birches, I hooked with the left overs of a spot dye piece I used for the barnyard in a farm scene, plus some bits of grey and black.

I also used some bits left of a mauve 5 value swatch.

When I first finished the trees, they looked like up-side-down cherry ice cream cones.


I’m a novice when it comes to doing landscapes, and I was just going with the general info I had….dark at the back, and lighter as you come foreward….but in this case it didn’t work… if the rules don’t work for you…do something else…( a good motto don’t you think?)

I took out the darkish colour at the base of the trees, and put in a lighter colour. …which while not great….I liked better.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job on my next landscape. I’m contemplating the “Canadian barns” project that the Huronoia branch is launching…more about that later.

6 thoughts on “Winter Birches

  1. Have so enjoyed your work. Your pieces truly are art. I love the stained glass piece. Could you tell me where to order the pattern. It would be just beautiful in my living room. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.Fondly,Shelley

  2. Thanks Shelley. It’s wonderful to get such positive feedback.The stained glass pattern is by Sheila Klugeschied and the last email I have for her is heartlandcreations@sympatico.caI know she moved recently from northern Ontario back to the Alliston area in central Ontario, so if you can’t reach her at this address I can find out her new one. She used to have a web site, but doesn’t at the moment as far as I know.That was one of my earliest pieces, and she helped me choose the wool, most of which I think she dyed.

  3. ….as the owner of the birches picture, let me say…it’s truely a wonderful landscape!!..Elizabeth, thanks so much!…I’m keeping it out all winter….it may be the only snow we see here!!!!Thanks againRhonda

  4. we"ve had more rain than snow here this December Rhonda….but 2 days ago the temperature dropped, and so we have a scant inch or 2 of snow. Not much, but at least it’s a white Christmas. Happy holidays. I’m enjoying my snowman. He will act as a trivet on my Christmas dining room table.

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