Hall tryout and Hygieia Hung

With the hall cleared out and the painting started, I decided to lay out the new hall rugs to see how they might look.


I hung over the bannister to take this photo of the unfinished runner in its eventual spot.


This one goes at the front doors (one door is stripped, and one not)….still lots of work to complete.


I like how they stand out against the floor.


This is the long view down the hallway.

I took those pictures last week, when the painting was just started.

Now Hygieia is finally installed. The new wall is finished, the other walls and ceiling are painted, and we have stopped the renovations for Christmas.


I think she looks quite at home.

I’ve been working on completing the background of the hall runner, and with just a wee bit left to do, I had to dye more wool. That’s  a full yard more to complete what wasn’t finished in those pictures. I wonder how much wool is in both rugs? A LOT! 

Since family is arriving today for the holidays, this will likely be my last post before Christmas. I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday, blessed with the joy of being with loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone.

6 thoughts on “Hall tryout and Hygieia Hung

  1. Thanks so much Laurie. I really enjoy writing it, and the comments and connections I’ve made with other hookers are such a wonderful added bonus. Happy holidays.

  2. I so enjoy looking at your beautiful work and also could you tell me the name of the pattern that is your "hall tryout"? I just love it and would like to find the pattern. I’m so pleased to find you! Have a great day!Bea (Bernice) Merriman "Beamerri in Oregon"

  3. Bea…I created this pattern myself, by selecting and adapting bits and pieces from a couple of patterns in the back of a rug hooking book, which were hand drawn on a graph paper (I can never remember the name of the book). I discovered later that it was taken from a pattern by Pearl McGowan named Queen Anne. (which is probably still available through Moshimers). It is a very detailed design, and would probably be suitable for a 3 or 4 cut. I enlarged and simplified some of the motifs and did the door mat in a 6 cut, and the hall runner in an 8 cut. Hope that helps.

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