A Day to Relax

What a wonderful holiday I have had. Three different celebrations…all so special, and opportunities to visit with loved ones. The house is once again empty except for Ray and I, and today and this weekend will be quiet times to read, hook, and recouperate.

Christmas day here was not white….( just a dusting fell during the day), which is really unusual for us, but since then, we’ve had enough snow to create a wonderland all around.


I took this photo from my back veranda


This beautiful tree was along the street.


This is my sister’s back yard wishing well. 

I’ve done a bit of hooking along the way and finished the background of the hall runner. The fun’s over with it and the finishing’s to be done.


I’ve started hooking my little 8″ x 8″ spring Four Season’s swap piece, but they are to remain a secret until they are sent…so I’ll have to save it’s progress until March.

For nearly two years I have been working on big projects…the hall rugs, and the Klimt adaptations, with various other projects inserted along the way. Now with the big projects hooked I’ve been searching for a new source of inspiration. I have a number of new projects in mind, but I’m looking for something which will challenge and expand my skills, and be exciting to try and interpret with hooking.

I may have found it in the paintings of Dahlov Ipcar….you may be familiar with the rug ‘tumbling cats’, which I fell in love with some time ago. She hooked the original (although she is not a hooker). She paints mostly animals, but in a fastastical way with spectacular backgrunds. She is 92 years old , and lives in New England, and still paints on a regular basis. I have been in touch with her son, and have received permission to hook any of the images from her book Black and White. I’m in the process of getting ready to put a pattern together, and hopefully it will be ready to share here soon. …black and white jungle animals…against a multi coloured background.

Happy New Year to everyone…may it bring joy to your soul, a song to your heart, and inspiration to your hook.

6 thoughts on “A Day to Relax

  1. Your winter photographs are just beautifull! I am also taking this weekend to spend time at home and get some hooking done. Congratulations on completing the background of your large runner. It is fantastic! And I will look forward to watching you select and pursue Dahlov’s art for your next hooking project. Happy New Year!

  2. Your photo’s are beautiful. I live in Illinois and it is 60 degrees today. We have suneshine and it’s like a spring day. Looking forward to seeing your new work. Happy New Year !!!!

  3. Peg how unusual…it’s been a strange winter so far in a lot of places I gather…but lots of time left . Enjoy your spring-like weather while it lasts.Happy New Year .

  4. Elizabeth, your rug are beautiful. I enjoy watching your progress and can’t wait to see your newest idea come to fruition. Happy New Year. Sarah

  5. Thanks Sarah…the next project is underway…(at least I’m preparing the pattern) I’ll write about it soon.

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