Hooking in Black and White

The pattern is done and I’ve happily begun my hooking.


I’ve started with the tiger…and I think he’s so cute! Originally I thought I’d hook him in just black and white, but I’ve actually used several colours of grey as well and like the effect. I’m using both 4 and 6 cuts throughout…wherever it seems appropriate. The 4 cut was too big for outlining the eye, so I cut a #6 strip down the middle to create a #3 strip (much simpler than changing a cutter wheel for such a small amount.)

The background will be last to do…so I have lots of hooking in shades of black and white in my immediate future.

Now I’ll back up a bit to show the pattern .

After I completed the pencil drawing on the red dot,…I made a trip to Staples. I have always used sharpies, but have been told I should be using the fabric “Rub-a-dubs”. I thought I’d do it ‘properly’ this time…but when I compared the prices..I ended up with sharpies once again. (I have never had a problem with them…..and it takes several to complete drawing a large project.)


Here’s the pattern on red dot


Here it is completed on the linen.

I drew the background lines with blue to make them stand out from the black outlined animals and foliage.


The next step was to dig through my blacks, greys and whites to see what I had, and what I would need. I have some antique black left from the hall rugs, but I’ll need more and I wanted some variety.


I gathered together some really dark colours, and overdyed them with 1/8th tsp. black. I didn’t want them to all end up the same.


There are some really nasty colours there that may come in handy (or not). My camera does weird things with colours sometimes…I realized just now that in the pictures, the wool looks darker before I dyed it…..not so in reality.


I dyed 1/2 yard of natural Dorr with 1/128th tsp of charcoal grey in 1CBW….with 1/2 of it in the pan, and the other half spooned over the top of the wool. Here it is against natural Dorr. (It’s not nearly as dark as it appears in the photo)

I was really disappointed when I realized that I would have to use so much #4 cut, but by using the #4and #6 together, I like the look and feel much happier.

The shopping is done, the snow is falling…and I’m off  to enjoy the afternoon hooking.

8 thoughts on “Hooking in Black and White

  1. I’m blushing Jan. I can’t wait to see what it will look like either…it’s certainly different than anything I’ve ever hooked before…but I’m excited to give it a try.

  2. This is a fabulous pattern Elizabeth. I can’t wait to see your progress. I use the "Industrial" Sharpies, which are good for temps up to 500 degrees F…. perfect for steaming. They are usually the same price as the regular Sharpie. I admit that I have never had a problem with the regular Sharpie, but I err on the side of caution for patterns that I sell. Wishing you a wonderful weekend of hooking.

  3. Heidi at first I was so disappointed that the details were so small that I even contemplated flipping the linen and just doing a small section made much larger…but now that I’ve started, and realize that I can do it…I’m really happy with the pattern. My weekend begins today with a ‘friends hooking get-together’….great start.

  4. A woman in my guild has hooked tumbling cats and I do love that design. Yours is quite wonderful as well! You’ve captured the roundness of the animals, which I so like in the original designs. The greys of the cat are very yummy. Was it really snowing??? We missed Spring and it’s now 89 degrees- way too hot for the poor Spring flowers.

  5. Yes Deb, I’m sure it was…..but this was posted in January. We live in a snow belt….so usually gets gobs of snow in the winter. I love the tumbling cats design as well, and this was a compilation of animals in her book Black and White. Mrs. Ipcar’s son gave me permission to use the animals from the book in a rug.

  6. Oh – your older posts keep popping up in my daily feed and I didn’t notice the date. Thanks for all the info on her. I recognized a lot of her children’s book illustrating; I adored Golden Books and had an enormous collection. So many great illustrators did work for them.

  7. Hi Deb…not sure why old posts keep popping up for you….perhaps because my old site did not have a method of catagorizing the posts, so I’ve slowly been adding them to the old posts at this site so people can search for topics. That’s the only reason I can think of.

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