Tigers and Zebras and Cranes…Oh my

I learn so much with each new project…and have so much fun while I do.


6  cut zebra mane

I used a very light grey to delineate the mane from the body, but the six cut on the mane didn’t please me. To make it look a little more like hair, I did the whole mane in a 4 cut…and while you may not be able to see the difference…I like it much better.


4 cut mane


The more I hook…the messier I get…with little piles of strips scattered about me…..and on the side table…and the floor…and…


I was a little concerned about the off white I prepared for the bodies of the animals…it was decidedly tinged with grey, and had some quite grey splotches. (1/124th tsp grey in 1CBW…1/2 in the bath, and half spooned over)…however it has turned out to be very effective, and the sections I like the best so far. 


The eyes have been a challenge, and have been altered several times. I really should do a bit of research, and find out how to do them properly…instead of trial and error.


I had hoped to finish the stork/crane ??? last night, but I didn’t manage it….so he’s still headless


Combining the cuts has been interesting . I use the 6 cut whenever I can, but use 4 and even 3 as necessary for detail or fine lines or tiny fill-ins. Since I’m working with primitive linen, I try to be extra careful to keep the small loops straight, and surround them with larger cuts so they are secure. I think I’ve finally and completely thrown out the door the “rule” of using a particular cut for a piece. I like the flexibility it gives me in creating the effect I want.  

Several people have asked me if I have chosen a colour palette for the background….the answer is …no. (You’re supposed to do that first…but hey…the background police haven’t been by lately).  I may choose a group of colours related to the living room rugs…( I expect to hang it there)…or I may just choose something that I think is spectacular in itself. We didn’t choose paintings that already hang there to co-ordinate with the living room…but chose them because we loved them (or their creator)… 

I have lots of ideas for the background, but they’re still just swirling in my head

The Australian Open is on…so a great excuse for lots of hooking.

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