More Animals

This has been so much fun. The only real problem being…to come up with ways to have the animals distinct from one another…while still being black and white.


The chicken I did in black watch plaid…its got to be the most useful wool ever.


The stork…(no idea if it’s really a stork)…I used very pale green to delineate the feathers, and wing and tail tips


….for this antelope, I used a different white….one with a yellowish/brown tone. The blacks are overdyed browns….and still have a brown cast to them


I’m not happy with the antlers…but I’ll leave them for now. (This animal in real life has really strange antlers…but I didn’t quite pull them off)


Just the one large one on the right to do.


I used a grey and white glengarry plaid for this. All the other animals I hooked in contoured lines, but it looked wierd with this wool, so I pulled it out and filled it in with squiggles. I didn’t like it at first…but it’s growing on me. I need to tweek the bottom of the antlers though. I made the hooves grey so they would show up against the legs.


My animal menagerie is done. Now on to the birds.

10 thoughts on “More Animals

  1. Just fabulous! You’ve created wonderful distinction between the animals, which amazes me, considering the two-color palatte. Elizabeth, I’d like to share the photo of your Fat Cat in the Gallery on our website, if it is alright with you. Let me know. I can capture it from your blog, or you can e-mail one if you like. You know I adore it : )

  2. I like the glengarry plaid hooked in squiggles. It seems to work well for now! I agree about the spiral antlers. I wonder if looking at some rope borders of antique rugs might give you some visual ideas? It’s beautiful…keep going!

  3. Holy Moly but that is one beautiful piece of art. You are doing a fantastic job at keeping the shape of each of the animals separate from one another. Cannot wait to see this beauty completed.Saundra

  4. Thanks Saundra…I’ve really enjoyed hooking it. Keeping the animals clearly separate is definitely the challenge. Every piece I do I learn so much….mostly by trial and error…lots of error. 🙂

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