A Tribute to Kathy Smith

Once again the first Tuesday of the month was tribute day at Sunshine Rug Hookers…and this month, we were treated to the work of Kathy Smith.

Kathy is a native Orillian, and  a multi talented artist.

One of her early rugs was the traditional shaded rose…..


….but  she soon moved on to styles that she found more interesting.


This rug was from a course she took with Deanne Fitzpatrick in Nova Scotia


This too is influenced by Deanne’s style.


This is one of Emily Carr’s paintings…re-interpreted .


This was a shed at her grandmother’s place.


This wonderful piece could be mistaken for a painting.

We all know rug hookers tend to be multi-talented, and we love to see, and learn about member’s work in other genres. Kathy is no exception.

Kathy’s mom taught her to sew, but never thought she would ‘take to it’……Many years later, she surprised her mother with this beautiful quilt.


Growing up on the water in Orillia, she says that water is connected to all of her inspiration and interests.


This memory quilt recalls all the areas of influence the water has had for her.

Kathy never does anything by halves, so once bitten by the ‘sewing bug’…she went ‘all out’ and said she has more than 60 jackets and vests in her closet that she has created. Perhaps it’s only natural that she became a dealer for Pfaaf sewing machines.


This is a wonderful jacket…although Kathy regrets having made it in white…says she’s never worn it….there were lots of offers to take it off her hands from those of us in the room.

The amazing detail doesn’t show up in this vest.


The different details are applied in a woven pattern….it’s exquisite.


This vest is made entirely of jeans…all the different coloured pieces are appliqued, with the tree branches cut, rolled, and stitched to create a 3 dimensional effect. Kathy warns that if you don’t like to be touched…you shouldn’t wear this vest…..people are always wanting to ‘feel’ the trees.


This amazing vest is done with appliqued doilies…overstitched with gold threads.


This is my favourite….a reversible jacket of rich jewel tones, all stitched with with gold thread.


Can you imagine how many pieces were needed to create this batik style pattern?


Kathy said she created this vest for a contest…to demonstrate the capabilities of an embroidery machine. All the motifs are machine embroidered.

Being someone who breaks out in a sweat when I have to sew a zig zag around a rug in order to finish it….you can imagine how impressed I was with Kathy’s stitchery.

Wow what a talented lady.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Kathy Smith

  1. Thank you for sharing Cathy’s beautiful work with us! It is so nice to see someone who has explored a variety of sewing techniques from bargello to embroidery to applique. Her fabric and color choices are beautiful. One talented lady!

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