Background mind changing

This seems to be a repeating theme doesn’t it……..indecision with background colours. I’ve already got a mountain of ‘pulled out worms’ from this background. 


At the point this picture was taken, I didn’t like the pale green, or the coral colour. But an added problem is…it looks entirely different to me depending on the quality of light (daytime/night time) At night I’d think it looked fine, but in the morning I didn’t like it at all….or vice versa.


I thought that by having a duller, muted red tone next to it…it might calm down the coral. The maroon on the right is cushing ‘old rose’ and silver grey over oatmeal…but I still didn’t like the pale green…so last night I pulled it all out, and added a muted yellow green. It looked good last night….but in the daylight…it disappeared into the green beside it…..and I still didn’t like the coral. Then I thought perhaps the answer was to take out the offending coral, and replace it with something much more muted.

I spent the morning dyeing. I thought that if I used oatmeal as a base…it would by nature end up much duller……but in spite of my using a different red dye altogether (paprika, charcoal, and silver grey) it ended up looking way too purple….almost identical to the maroon on the right of it.


Still determined….I overdyed it with a light colour bath of poppy red….and now I have this…..I love it….but it looks dreadful in the background…..more wool for a future project.

So then I decided to go ahead with bits of some other sections…and added the green, blue, and lilac on the far right. As I did …I lost my ‘hate’ of the coral…..but it still wasn’t right.

After staring at it awhile I thought maybe it was the green and coral together that was bugging me and if I used the very lightest swatch from the maroon (not used on the other side at all) it would work. So that’s  the point I’m at right now….I’m going to take out the dull green to the left and try some of the light maroon that’s lying there in this picture.


….but I make no promises that it will look like this the next time I post a progress report.

Wish me luck!

1 thought on “Background mind changing

  1. Hmmm…it will be interesting to see where this background takes you. I like the blue/purple on the left, the greens and the burgundy (which appears rose). I agree that the coral doesn’t work but it is a beautiful color. Perhaps a dark gold/ golden brown that would work with the green and also the burgundy? It will be fun to watch you experiment.

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