getting to the end

Well most of the major decisions have been made…and now there are the bits and pieces. 


I thought perhaps extending the coral to the right corner would be a good idea…boy was I wrong!

I like to pin a swatch over the area to see if I think I’ll like it.


Bringing in the purple green from the left side looked much better


I think I’ll change the pink vine as well.


I took out the small triangle of pinky colour above the green and extended the purple green. 


I eliminated the small areas on the right corner and extended the lilac and green there. I’m trying to get away from a patchwork impression and create more of the feeling of ‘shafts’ of colour.


I extended the lilac down through the zebra


I decided to do all the leaves in blue green, and not worry about them standing out particularly.

How would I do the bottom????

Ipcar tends to use multi coloured borders….related to her backgrounds….but I decided against that….for two reasons…one artistic…one practical. I wanted to ‘ground’ my animals with a little more realism…and I didn’t have enough of some of the background wools to do a coloured border.

I started with a pale green line about an inch below the lowest animal…but I soon pulled that out. It had no relationship to the rest of the piece. I replaced it with the blue green variegated wool that I had used for some of the leaves. 


Then I got out my bag of blue/green worms, and started hooking in clumps pf colour…with dark bits for the animals to stand on.


Aha…that I like. I’m just going to enjoy doing the bottom….tack the back of my spring swap….and get the plans for my next project underway.

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