Finished and on to the Next

The hooking is completed on Black and White.


It still needs to be steamed and the edges bound, but my pressing board has finally given up the ghost, so steaming a large piece will be a little more trouble. 

A little while ago I was asked if I would hook a pillow in memory of a wonderful young man who died of cancer. I have multiple connections with his family, not the least of which is that I was his singing teacher for a number of years while he was growing up. 

His mom sent me a picture of this pillow and asked if I could hook it.


He loved canoeing in Algonquin park.

It’s a very simple pattern…. the hooking should be no problem…but as I’ve often lamented….I hate sewing, and I feared I would make a mess of the ‘pillow part’.

The wonderful yahookers suggested I buy a ready made pillow, and whip the hooking to the front…. so that is the plan.

I found a beautiful pillow in an appropriate size which has a lovely off white silk back, and I’m doing the hooking  to fit the front.


I sketched it out on paper,


cut out the canoe and paddles, and taped them to the backing, and outlined the pattern. (pinning it distorted it too much)


After it was done…I realized the paddles were too erect,


so I redid them at a lower level.

I’ve decided I am a ‘trial and error’ hooker. I seem to only be able to see my mistakes…not anticipate them very well. The body of the canoe is a perfect example. 


I thought I would hook it in a 6 cut and follow the contours of the canoe (far right)….when that looked wrong, I tried random hooking in a 6 cut (middle)……when that didn’t work either, I switched to random hooking in a 4 cut (far left)…..YES….took me 3 tries.


I’ve started outlining the paddles, and again, it’s not right, so I will alter them once again, and make them longer, and hook inside the lines a little further to make them slimmer.

I’m off now to dye some wool for the background. Lets hope it doesn’t take 3 tries to get that right.

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