Four Seasons swap…Spring edition

Just in case you don’t know…or have forgotten…the Yahookers are having a year-long Four seasons swap. Everyone involved hooks an 8″ x8″ mat for each season. The winter one is completed. I sent my mat to Rhonda in Penn. and she sent hers to me. My swap mate for  spring  is Teresa in Lubbock (Texas). I recently received this lovely mat from her, along with a note explaining it.


These are bluebonnets, a flower which carpets the countryside in Texas before the grass turns green (hence the wonderful beige background). Isn’t it striking.

My original thought for my spring mat was trilliums (the provincial wildflower) which fill the woods before the leaves come out in spring. I wanted to do a woodland picture, but I didn’t think I could pull it off to make the specks of white look like trilliums in an 8″ x 8″ space. 

So I changed gears altogether, and went to a colouring book site, and downloaded a cartoon-like picture of a mother bird feeding her chicks.


(in my case I think it’s the dad feeding the chicks…since the female cardinal isn’t bright red)

While robins are the traditional ‘sign of spring’ , I love the wonderful calls of the cardinals looking for a mate in the spring, and watching the flashy display of the male courting a female. 

I was out of red dot at that time…


so I used a dryer sheet to copy the picture,


then retraced it on verel. It’s hooked mostly in #4 cut, with a few bits of #3 when necessary.

It’s hard to think of what I’ll do for the summer swap…when it’s a brilliant winter day today…  -15 celcius, bright sunshine…and diamonds sparking in the fresh snow.


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