Whipping and Beginning

I actually didn’t pull a loop all last week. I have to admit…I was in a bit of a hooking ‘funk’. Even though I re-worked quite a few sections of the pillow background…it still didn’t look the way I wanted it to…and I knew that if I re-hooked it in squiggles…I would lose the straight line effect I wanted.

I chose to ignore it for awhile….and finally decided I’d listen to Mary Lou…who commented that I was being too fussy.

I pinned the hooking to the front of the pillow I bought (so I wouldn’t have to sew anything)….and it fit perfectly. 


That was step one in feeling more positive.



The whipping is tricky….going through the tightly woven material of the pillow covering. My usual bent,  dull -ended needle wouldn’t work at all, so I picked up a package of sharp ended darning needles. It’s really hard on my fingers…but it works.  I just do a few inches at a time…but I’m pleased with how it looks.

My next project is my monochromatic barn.

In the last blog…I naively said I might draw the barn pattern straight onto the linen. Who was I kidding! It didn’t take me long to change my mind , and I went back to my tried and true system…drawing it in pencil onto red dot, then tracing it onto the linen.


I’ve just started the hooking…and I’m really enjoying working with the greys. The skinny branches are silver grey…the larger tree is mouse grey, and the window casings will be a recycled cashmere in a charcoal grey. The panes are my ever- favourite black watch plaid. 

I dyed the greys in my standard fashion…1/2 the dye bath in the pot…and 1/2 spooned over the wool a bit later after some of the dye has been taken up. I did three different intensities of the mouse grey over two different wools so I would have lots of shades available.

This is my latest aquisition….


…a 4′ x 4′ piece of tintest, which Ray marked out in a 2″ grid for me for drawing patterns. I pin my backing straight on the lines around the perimemeter, then pin the red dot pattern on the top so that everything is square when I trace the pattern. I have an 8′ x 4′ piece in 3″ squares, but this new one is perfect for smaller projects, and fits easily on my dining room table.

Yesterday Ray and I went for a drive to find the deserted barn I’m using for this project.(I took the pictures last November).


This is the whole barn…


…and this is the picture I’m adapting for my piece.

I wanted to have another look at it…and see if I could get any information about it…..and the name of the road it was on, so I could record it on the hooking.

I swear it must be in Brigadoon!!! We drove around for over an hour…and couldn’t find it . We both thought we knew where we’d been….but it’s vanished!!! 

3 thoughts on “Whipping and Beginning

  1. The canoe is so not you no wonder it was a challenge.Your work is incredible and I’m happy for you that you finished the piece for a friend and moved on. Enjoy your wonderful barn!

  2. Thank you for understanding Lynne. I’m really enjoying working on the barn. ( well on the trees and windows…that’s as far as I’ve gotten)..and it’s so interesting to come up with the colours. I just hope I can pull it off!

  3. Good morning, I once did a commission for an artist friend. I thought she would drive me crazy. We didn’t see color the same way and what she wanted turned the piece to mud. I knew it was bad and hated working on it. <br/> I think doing the piece for a friend was rewarding and frustrating for you. I’m sure his mother will love it and it will bring her some measure of peace. It was good of you to do it and now you can have some fun doing your piece. <br/>I enjoy reading your blog and watching your pieces grow. <br/>Have a wonderful day, Lynne

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