A tribute to Gail La Berge

I just hate it when this happens!

First Tuesday…tribute day at Sunshine rughookers…and thinking I would avoid any problems…I changed the batteries in my camera…and headed out.

But alas!!……my rechargable batteries had given up recharging…and the camera turned off mere seconds after  I turned it on each time. So I have very few pictures of Gail’s work…and those I do have were snapped quickly before the dying batteries finally gave up altogether….which they soon did.


Three lovely pillows…the one on the right is a pattern she got while visiting Dorr…and is a favourite of mine. I particularly like the colour pallette…the vivid coral just sets it off (but you can’t really appreciate it from this photo).


I love this piece…what wonderful details. It also surprised me…being a fine cut…and not the style Gail usually hooks. She said is was requested by a family member  (sorry Gail I can’t remember who….I think one of her two daughters) so she hooked it for her.


A wonderful primitive horse with an interesting straight line background.


I think this was a free pattern in RHM…again beautifully hooked.


This is a combination of penny rug, applique, and hooking from a workshop given by Bea Grant. Everything Gail hooks is so well done. I always admire her beautiful even loops.

Like so many rug hookers…Gail is multi-talented. 


She showed us examples of her doll making, (this was actually three diffrent styles of dolls…but the back two are hidden)


Her spectacular quilts…that’s Gail on the right..


….and countless other wonders (which my camera refused to record)…such as baskets she had woven out of dried leaves from her garden, and crocheting….and although she didn’t have any to show…she used to make willow furniture which was on the grounds of their ‘bed and breakfast’ home in the woods in Haliburton.

Gail was born and grew up in Orillia…and in fact we were school mates….born the same year. We lost track of each other, and she moved to  Minden (further north) where she and her husband lived for many years. One of my favourite memories of joining Sunshine Rug Hookers, was the wonderful welcome she gave me, and my re-connection with Gail.

Gail concluded by saying “I don’t consider myself a great hooker…but I consider myself a ‘Happy Hooker’.

Gail…I’m so sorry I couldn’t get pictures of so many of your pieces, and wasn’t able to do justice to your beautiful work.

As soon as I get new batteries…I’ll post my progress on the barn.

2 thoughts on “A tribute to Gail La Berge

  1. I always find it interesting that so many people have learned such a variety of crafts over their lifetime. Gail does beautiful work, and I am partial to her beautiful cornucopia applique-hooked rug. Although the stained glass quilt is stunning too! Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. Me too Mis.T . I don’t think any of the featured hookers at Sunshine have done only hooking…seems hookers are a multi talented lot. The urge to create things with our hands is expressed in many ways.

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