barn bits

It’s taken me until today to be able to verbalize what I’m trying to do with my barn hooking. (I’m a little slow when it comes to these things)…..and I’m going to write it down here so I don’t lose sight of the end-game while I’m bogged down in the details.

I don’t want to recreate the photo, I want to re-interpret the photo so that the end result  is more like a painting in fiber. (I hope I hope)


I decided early on that the trees would be in shades of mouse grey, and the barnboard in shades of silver grey….so one would show up against the other.


When I started working on the barn boards, I soon realized that the wool was too evenly coloured. I had three different shades…so I spot dyed them all with 1/128th tsp. silver grey to get a more uneven effect.


I over dyed some of the silver grey with olive drab in an attempt to create the mossy sections on the barn boards (I put some in at the left), but it doesn’t look like moss at all…so out it came.

After several attemps at delineating the boards…I settled on cutting in half a #6 cut of the darkest wool , and hooking it lower than the #8 cut ‘boards’, so that it almost sinks out of sight. I could have used a #2 or #3 cut…but I’m too lazy to keep changing the cutter heads.


At first I hooked these shadow lines to the top of the boards…but soon realized they had to vary in length to get any sort of realistic effect. (It’s not as blue in real life as the flash makes it out to be)

Now I’m experimenting with the small patch of ground….something mostly neutral, and dead-grassy looking.


This is some of the olive drab that didn’t work for moss, some wonderful wool yarn I’m hoping will work, and a bit of blue/gree/white plaid….still very much in the experimentation stage.


I like the colours of the moss on the cement wall section…but it still isn’t right…some more work to fine a technique I like for it too.

To go totally off topic…while Jen Manuell was watching moose in her back yard….(you’ve got to check it out  ), my Easter weekend was much tamer. Two of my three sons made it home, my sister was here, and we had a wonderful family dinner on Sunday.


Here Mathieu is getting ready to leave for an afternoon of mountain biking at Hardwood Hills.

I hope everyone had as lovely a holiday weekend as I did.

2 thoughts on “barn bits

  1. Hi Elizabeth – I am back from Planet Vacation and trying to get caught up on my usual life. I am so far behind on everyone’s work, so trying to visit a couple of fave spots a day. Your barn "painting" is going to be incredible. And look at all the learning already!! Who knew there were quite so many greys. I will be watching the progress.

  2. Wendie glad you’re back…hope "Planet Vacation" was wonderful!. The learning is what keeps me so excited about rug hooking. Every new project is an adventure. Hope to see you in North Bay…(although I didn’t get into your class).

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