barnboard and mossy walls

There’s been very little actual progress this week…but lots of pulling out and reworking…

After trying several ways, I liked the effect of squiggly hooking with a variety of colours for the moss…, but it still didn’t look right to me. 


I re-worked sections of it to try and get a streaky effect without it being straight lines.


I had another problem as well…


……the small tree branch on the right was fading out against the darker barnboard at the top, but I needed the lighter colour to show up against the dark green at the bottom.


I finally solved that by re-hooking the tree in the darkest silver grey I had, and taking  the dark green mossy section out altogether. 

The other….(and still not completely corrected problem) is trying to keep the barnboards relatively straight from top to bottom. At first I thought…easy…just hook in the same ditch top to bottom. But it’s not quite that simple….


……The black breaks, and the fine cut barnboard edgings (which don’t always go all the way to the top) leave gaps between the hooking rows above them if I just hook straight up. So I’m fudging it …and adjusting as I go along to try and keep it at least LOOKING straight. I’m not very good at it so I’ve done lots of reverse hooking  (I hate that term) . (you can see I didn’t get quite the same pattern when I re-hooked the green barnboards on the left)


The greys don’t show up at all true when I use my flash…so I found a bit of sunshine this morning and took this with no flash to see if the colours were better….they are….some.

It may sound like I’m frustrated by all of this….but in fact…I find it exciting and fun to 1) see the problems….and 2) figure out a way to solve them that pleases me . I learn so much with every project I do.

2 thoughts on “barnboard and mossy walls

  1. Elizabeth, as with all you hook, it is looking marvelous! When you wrote about the right tree branch being too close in value or it being lost, it reminded me of when I was taking art classes. And something that has stuck with me forever ~ the artist said that I should look at telephone or power lines that run across he sky and the lines would appear dark against the blue sky……yet, that same line would appear lighter against a barn. Wonderful piece of art you are creating.Saundra

  2. Thanks Saundra. I’ll remember that about the power lines. I love little gems of knowledge. In fact we had an artist give a talk just last week at our hooking group, and I have several such little sentences from him, that I’ll always remember too.

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