Barn in Spring

If you’re a regular reader of my hooking journey…you’ll know that a few weeks ago, Ray and I tried to retrace our steps from last fall and find the barn(s) we photographed in November. No luck ….they had disappeared!

This was niggling at both of us…so last Sunday we set out again to try and find the elusive barn. This time…success. We just needed to go a little further east. There it was in all it’s sad glory.


I don’t know if it had deteriorated over the winter…or if I was just more aware of it.


This is the picture I’m hooking from…it was taken on an overcast November day.


This is roughly the same shot…taken on a bright spring day. The crack under the first window seemed much larger…and the missing boards seemed to stand out more sharply.


I tried to create the larger gap in the wall….and failed miserably….this will be coming out!!!


I added the fully missing board (although it’s placement isn’t accurate… that doesn’t concern me)


This time I walked around the entire building (well 3 sides) . I love this view of the back, and what I would suppose are sections of the original stone foundation. 


The far corner has crumbled away completely leaving the top unsupported. 


I’d love to hook this picture of the side with the deserted gate leaning against the wall. Actually I’d love to do the last two pictures….and I’m thinking of doing them smaller, and having a group of three views of the same barn.


On the other hand….while I’m really enjoying all this work with neutrals…I think I’d have to get a “colour fix” by hooking something nice and bright and cheerful in between. 

2 thoughts on “Barn in Spring

  1. I’m really enjoying watching your progress with this one. I love the mossy foundation. You are doing a super job!

  2. Thanks Debbie..I think the mossy effect has been the hardest thing to do…and I think sometimes I get too close to it…so it’s really rewarding to know it looks OK from someone who hasn’t stared at it for hours.

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