Rugs from the Annual in North Bay

There were so many beautiful rugs in a wide variety of styles to look at. I didn’t take pictures of even a fraction of them. ….those thse I did…I didn’t record who hooked them…so my apologies to all the artists…These are just a few examples of those that for whatever reason…caught my eye


I always love a black background…makes these beautiful colours pop.


With my fall swap mat in mind….these trees really caught my fancy.


This was a relatively small triptik (I have no idea how to spell that word) but really eye catching.


The colour palette of this pictorial is quite unique  and appealed to me.


A beautiful fine cut.


Another striking black background


This is a ‘reciprocal rug’ ….using a variety of techniques and fibres…passed back and forth between two artists, with each adding a portion, then returning it to the other. The picture diesn’t do it justice…it was fascinating…I could have looked at it for ages, and kept finding new features.



A wonderful kilim…I wish I understood the significance of the various symbols. I may be mistaken…but I seem to recall that the title for this rug was something like “looking for a husband”


another large cut flower pattern on a black background


I didn’t realize it until I was posting these pictures…but this is the same pattern as the last rug….with a different colour palette, and hung sideways rather than vertically…..obviously one that I liked.


The theme for the annual was “all a buzz about bugs”.


These two rugs were in the ‘theme’ catagory.


I love the sense of light and wind in this pictorial.


This fine cut has hidden birds tucked in the branches


This reminded me of my Deanne Fitzpatrick rug “washing on the Line” (same topic…different style)


I ove the muted shading in this snowy owl


You can almost feel the tiredness of these fishermen.


I thought this was really unique. The title was “Home is Where the Heart Is”. It is a bird’s eye view of a town or subdivision (I don’t know which) and the hooker’s house is designated with a small red heart.


Another large floral with a black background….I think I’d better hook one…I’m surely attracted to them.


I enjoy all the ‘interlocking’ birds in the piece.

There are more photos to come.

Karen Kaiser Rugs from the Annual

Home and rested a bit from a very busy weekend…what fun! 312 hookers together at the annual (my first time to go as a member of OHCG for the whole weekend) and so many beautiful rugs to see, goodies to purchase, friends to visit.

The featured hooker this year was Karen Kaiser. What beautiful rugs….took my breath away. All of the rugs in this posting are by her. (I’ve got lots more photos of it all to come)


The Witches of Endor…this had to be my favourite of all. But because it is hung against a black background, you can’t see the wonderful edge…which is cut , and bound following the contours of the picture. Her colour detail and shading of this large piece is so lifelike…I had to walk over to make sure it was hooking. I just stared at it in awe of the artistry.


The magnificent sky, and the depth of shading in these Inukshuks made them startling. (it’s rather faded in the photo)


Having just done my first bit of lettering, I was most impressed with this text (loved the content of it too) I’m such a lousy photographer…I cut off the right side. You’d think I’d get better with all the photos I take…but NOPE!


This subtle piece has the same cut edge as the Witches. Unfortunately there was no way to weight the bottom, so it didn’t hang to the best advantage.


This was just plain eerie…the crumbled barn, and the ghost of what it had been…so moving . I loved the sentiment in her write up as well…nature takes it all back in the end.


…a detailed egyptian hanging…each figure so clearly defined


I’m always attracted to monochromatics.


This is another instance of the camera not doing justice to the piece. The colours were more vibrant… and the use of alternative methods (hooking and proddy) and various fibres, doesn’t show up well in the photo.


This is a close up of the proddy and hooking side by side


Karen said 2010 was her year of the poppy…she hooked a number of projects featuring them that year…including this runner. I found her beautiful background was so alive (again it is much duller in the photo). It set off the vibrant poppies to such advantage.


This piece was entirely different than the rest…and was a result of a challenge by the Campbellford hookers, to do with the use of plaids. Each of these tesselated houses is hooked with a different plaid, hooked in such a way that the plaid aspect remains intact, and an actual piece of the plaid for that house is used for its ¬†window. The longer I looked at it , the more I saw.

I’m still recouperating from all the walking, but I’ve got lots more pictures to post, and I’ll try to get more up really soon.

Sunshine Review

I haven’t done a lot of hooking since attending RUG two weeks ago. I’ve been working on a set of 4 coasters for my sister. Actually she asked for coasters, but they’re a bit large….for BIGGG mugs I guess.  I made them 6″ x 6″ because she asked for text on them, and I didn’t think I could fit it in on a smaller size.

I’ve never done lettering before…so I went to Gene’s IRC videos and watched his demonstration on ‘lettering without lines’….twice. 


I dyed the background with a mottled Olive Drab, and the lettering and edge is PF # 15 (thanks Ivi). It would never have occured to me to do lettering without first drawing the letters…but using Gene’s method of counting ditches and holes…I was satisfied with my first effort. (It doesn’t really bulge in the middle like the picture….that’s a fold in the linen)


Surprisingly the hardest letter in this was the ‘v’…those tricky diagonal lines…


The third one is underway…one more to go. The flowers are a 3 and 4 cut…the lettering and background is 6, and the border is an 8 cut.

I remembered to take my camera to the Sunshine meeting on Tuesday, so I could catch up on what people were up to.


Jeanne is working on this beautiful barn scene. She’s doing it with nylons, which she admits aren’t her favourite thing to work with (mine either). I assume it is for the ‘barn project’.


Edie was hooking on her “Lobster Boat” . She says she has been working on it for years, and every once in awhile takes it out and adds some more.Doesn’t that water look cold?


Luise is doing these seasonal trees. She chose it from the stash of a member who has had to give up hooking. We held a sale and donated the funds to the Rug Hooking Museum


Barb is hooking her house….love it.


Diane is putting the finishing touches on this fine cut.


I love Mary’s little girl…she’d been struggling she said, to get the angle of the head the way she wanted…but finally managed it. 


Karen has done the body of her owl in wool to give it a fluffy effect. Too bad that doesn’t show up in the photo. It is really effective. I just love his expression.

It’s that time of year when Sunshine rughookers begin to think about making items to sell in the annual Quilt and Rug Fair in September.


 Joanne found this little mouse in her stash, and is hooking him up. He will eventually be stuffed. Can’t wait to see him come to life.



Gail is making this patchwork cat for the sale too. …Which I think will become a chair pad. 


There are always some projects going on….this large flower pattern was donated, partially finished, and is being completed by a number of hookers, and will eventually be used to raise funds. It is so beautiful. I believe it was started in a wide cut shading workshop given by Jeanne Field. 

Oh the excitement! 


Judith is our newest hooker, and has just purchased her first cutter….a Frazer 500…from Mary Lou, who is showing her how to use it. She was so happy to be cutting her own strips! Her enthusiasm for this new craft is infectious. 

Now I’m off to spend a little outdoor time on this glorious sunny day. Happy 24th to all fellow Canadians

A Tribute to Linda Wilson

Linda Wilson was the originator, and a motivating force behind our “first Tuesday features” at Sunshine Rug Hooking…..and this week it was her turn to tell her ‘story’.

She grew up on a farm located between Elmvale and Wasaga Beach in central Ontario, went to a small rural school, and later graduated from Ryerson and U of T as a teacher of family studies. After a number of years in Northern Ontario, she and her husband Bill settled back in central Ontario, where  Bill taught highschool in Alliston, and Linda became involved with raising her family, rug hooking and a variety of other crafts.

She has been actively involved as a teacher of hooking, a member of SCACA (Simcoe County Arts and Crafts Association….I hope that’s the correct title) OHCG (Ontario Hooking Craft Guild), and hooking groups in Alliston, Barrie, and Orillia. She has been on the board of OHCG 3 different times, and highly involved with the OHCG teachers group . She is a wonderful teacher and organizer, and at present, is a co-convenor of the Canadian Barn Project…an exciting initiative to create a display of hooked pictures of Canadian Barns…a disappearing landscape. ….more info later.

She explained that most of the rugs she brought for display were from her 3 and 4 cut fine shading period… the time she began hooking…the only style one did.

I was fascinated by the shape of this octagonal rug in which she hooked veggies from her husband’s garden. It was designed to go in their family room…and a table sat on top of it in the plain area. 


That was in their last house….now it has a place of honour rolled up in a closet.

This was one of her earlier rugs…this is the right side…


But she displayed it from the back, since the front had faded quite considerably.


Linda explained that most of the hooking being done when she started…was of hangings, rather than rugs for the floor.


…….and most of the topics were flowers or vegetables. …Of course there was also the mushroom phase….and for her mushroom piece she devised this green padded frame which is wonderfully unique.

The bell pull in this picture was her second hooking piece. At the time, she knew nothing about colour, and naively chose the difficult colour yellow.


The lovely dress with the embroidered neckline, she made to wear when expecting one of her children.

Also displayed from the back due to fading…was this wonderful rug entitled “Back Home”. She put herself in it twice, doing activities around the farm where she grew up. 


She hooked it to go on the floor in a specific spot in her home…but realized there was a hot air register right in the middle. …..undaunted….she cut a hole in the rug for the register, and painted the register itself like a rose garden to become a part of the scene… creative is that! 

Linda usually enjoys hooking geometrics…but this one she says was a pain to hook…It was designed as a part of a presentation with the teacher’s group on ???????…style designs. (the name escapes me). The frustration came from choosing colours which were very closely related, and trying to keep them sorted out . It almost creates an optical illusion.. 


This lovely butterfly resides in her washroom, and her mom hooked an inch rug in the same colour palette to go on the floor. 


You can just see the edge of it at the bottom of the picture….somehow I missed taking a separate photo of it….I’m so sorry. 

This piece was originally intended as a bag….but when finished…it was too heavy to carry comfortably…so she converted it to a sign for her studio.


Her leaf bag however is much more practical…and light. She drew the leaves from ones she found on the ground and hooked them on verel.


The colours are beautiful, and the shading stunning.

One year, when she was convenor of the Annual, she made this vest to celebrate the theme….Shakespeare. 


The entire vest is covered with Shakespearean quotes about friendship


 She loves vests, and made this one featuring sheep. The ones on the back are hooked, and those on the front are appliqued……


…beautiful…but she says….very hot to wear.

She also loves teddy bears…and made this sweet teddy vest.


She belonged to the teddy bear club, and admits that she got carried away making them. She had a “teddy bear” bedroom, and made many for her friends.


She made Tetley for Luise Bishop…so named because he was dyed with tea.

One of her favourite pieces is this picture she did of her Dad…He was very proud of it and would point it out to friends.


I think this is sooo clever….the photo which inspired the hooking, has been mounted on the back of the framed piece…so when you flip it over…there it is!


Here is her motto rug….love the cobwebs, and bits on the floor.


Her latest rug is this depiction of her daughter-in-law and her two grandchildren…with a Klimt inspired background motif.


I love the realistic curls made from coiled wool…which actually hang down on Mom’s forehead.

I’ve taken several courses from Linda, and she is a wonderful teacher. She  hosts parties and courses (both her own, and ones given by other teachers) at her amazing studio in the countryside, works tirelessly on events like the annual Quilt and Rug Fair, and is a large part of the reason why Sunshine Rug Hookers is such a terrific group.