Karen Kaiser Rugs from the Annual

Home and rested a bit from a very busy weekend…what fun! 312 hookers together at the annual (my first time to go as a member of OHCG for the whole weekend) and so many beautiful rugs to see, goodies to purchase, friends to visit.

The featured hooker this year was Karen Kaiser. What beautiful rugs….took my breath away. All of the rugs in this posting are by her. (I’ve got lots more photos of it all to come)


The Witches of Endor…this had to be my favourite of all. But because it is hung against a black background, you can’t see the wonderful edge…which is cut , and bound following the contours of the picture. Her colour detail and shading of this large piece is so lifelike…I had to walk over to make sure it was hooking. I just stared at it in awe of the artistry.


The magnificent sky, and the depth of shading in these Inukshuks made them startling. (it’s rather faded in the photo)


Having just done my first bit of lettering, I was most impressed with this text (loved the content of it too) I’m such a lousy photographer…I cut off the right side. You’d think I’d get better with all the photos I take…but NOPE!


This subtle piece has the same cut edge as the Witches. Unfortunately there was no way to weight the bottom, so it didn’t hang to the best advantage.


This was just plain eerie…the crumbled barn, and the ghost of what it had been…so moving . I loved the sentiment in her write up as well…nature takes it all back in the end.


…a detailed egyptian hanging…each figure so clearly defined


I’m always attracted to monochromatics.


This is another instance of the camera not doing justice to the piece. The colours were more vibrant… and the use of alternative methods (hooking and proddy) and various fibres, doesn’t show up well in the photo.


This is a close up of the proddy and hooking side by side


Karen said 2010 was her year of the poppy…she hooked a number of projects featuring them that year…including this runner. I found her beautiful background was so alive (again it is much duller in the photo). It set off the vibrant poppies to such advantage.


This piece was entirely different than the rest…and was a result of a challenge by the Campbellford hookers, to do with the use of plaids. Each of these tesselated houses is hooked with a different plaid, hooked in such a way that the plaid aspect remains intact, and an actual piece of the plaid for that house is used for its  window. The longer I looked at it , the more I saw.

I’m still recouperating from all the walking, but I’ve got lots more pictures to post, and I’ll try to get more up really soon.

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