Rugs from the Annual in North Bay

There were so many beautiful rugs in a wide variety of styles to look at. I didn’t take pictures of even a fraction of them. ….those thse I did…I didn’t record who hooked them…so my apologies to all the artists…These are just a few examples of those that for whatever reason…caught my eye


I always love a black background…makes these beautiful colours pop.


With my fall swap mat in mind….these trees really caught my fancy.


This was a relatively small triptik (I have no idea how to spell that word) but really eye catching.


The colour palette of this pictorial is quite unique  and appealed to me.


A beautiful fine cut.


Another striking black background


This is a ‘reciprocal rug’ ….using a variety of techniques and fibres…passed back and forth between two artists, with each adding a portion, then returning it to the other. The picture diesn’t do it justice…it was fascinating…I could have looked at it for ages, and kept finding new features.



A wonderful kilim…I wish I understood the significance of the various symbols. I may be mistaken…but I seem to recall that the title for this rug was something like “looking for a husband”


another large cut flower pattern on a black background


I didn’t realize it until I was posting these pictures…but this is the same pattern as the last rug….with a different colour palette, and hung sideways rather than vertically…..obviously one that I liked.


The theme for the annual was “all a buzz about bugs”.


These two rugs were in the ‘theme’ catagory.


I love the sense of light and wind in this pictorial.


This fine cut has hidden birds tucked in the branches


This reminded me of my Deanne Fitzpatrick rug “washing on the Line” (same topic…different style)


I ove the muted shading in this snowy owl


You can almost feel the tiredness of these fishermen.


I thought this was really unique. The title was “Home is Where the Heart Is”. It is a bird’s eye view of a town or subdivision (I don’t know which) and the hooker’s house is designated with a small red heart.


Another large floral with a black background….I think I’d better hook one…I’m surely attracted to them.


I enjoy all the ‘interlocking’ birds in the piece.

There are more photos to come.

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