More Annual Stuff

Some more rugs from the annual.


I like the light sky behind these trees. There was a 3 dimensional factor to the trees as well…which originally caught my eye.


This is the RHF pattern Canadian Moaiac…which I have hooked (features the wild flowers of all the provinces)….I’m always fascinated by how other people interpret things


This rug was done with John Ciemowietz, and won the ‘fine cut’ award. 


This is Jen Manuell’s Jumbo …which won the Rowan award for best overall….well named…it needed it’s own display area. Unfortunately the beautiful subtle colours don’t show up to the best advantage. She hooked it in 2 years….stunning! Just to the left you can glimpse the piece entitled Bertha at the Beach…which won in the wide cut catagory.


This wonderful African scene won in the best pictorial catagory.

The Northern groups that hosted this year’s annual did a wonderful job of organizing the event. I would be remiss if I didn’t particularly mention the decorations throughout the venue. They were amazing, and were the talk of the weekend. The event was held at Nipissing University…and these wonderful creations were found everywhere. The centre pieces at the banquet were the highlight. …wonderful floral creations made entirely of fibre (38 different ones no less)…and each in a knit and felted container. Here’s just three that were closest to where I was sitting.


There were also displays in the rotundas, at the cafeteria, and the display building. 


This is just one example….the leaves were needle felted with the fibre critters perched on them….did I mention that the theme was …All About Bugs? Chosen because bugs and the north in springtime go together…but because of our unusual spring this year (or perhaps they just knew to stay away from hookers)…the live bugs (blackflies in particular) were in very short supply.

The accomodation was great. The three other friends I travelled with…and I…stayed in a suite in one of the university residences. We had 4 bedrooms…2 bathrooms, a kitchen dining area, and a sitting area…put to good use for evening socializing.


That’s Lake Nipissing you can see out the window beyond the trees.

We took some time to visit the waterfront…and as you can see…the mood was quite serious!


Lynda and Jean were taking off for a ride on the famous carousel.


Here it is from a distance…Each of the horses on it has been hooked…it’s a wonderful story, and was featured in RHM. In case you aren’t familiar with it…here’s the scoop  in a link about the carousel itself and the hooked pieces of each and every horse on it. They went on tour, and are now I believe, at the Hooked Rug Museum.

I couldn’t manage the trip up the hill to the carousel…so I enjoyed the shoreline….


…and the calming view over the water.

The ship is permanently moored and is now a restaurant.

What a wonderful weekend…amazing rugs…amazing friends…what more could you ask!

I have a few more photos which I’ll include in the next post.

1 thought on “More Annual Stuff

  1. Each of the rugs that you have shown are very beautiful in their own unique way. i absolutely love the wooly floral centerpieces. I have seen centerpieces made of wool flowers before but these are so much nicer that most others! Whomever made them did a great job. Looks like a wonderful weekend!

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