What I’ve been up to..

I realized this morning when scrolling down the blog page that it has been almost two months since I’ve posted just about my own hooking…it’s been such a busy time..so many beautiful rugs to see…..with RUG, the Annual, and the monthly tributes.

I’ve been working on small pieces. 

At the Annual, everyone was given a caterpillar to hook. The pattern was  designed by famed artist and cartoonist Lynn Johnston ( For Better or for Worse…syndicated in over 2000 papers world wide). Here’s my interpretation:


I’ve just finished hooking this cute little guy (I’ve named him Charlie)…but I’ve no idea yet what I’ll use him for…one thought is to apply him to a tote bag…or small carryall…perhaps a shoe bag would be a good idea. 

I said I learned lots from looking over Jean’s shoulder…and here’s something I learned just last week. I noticed her doing a sort of intermittant hooking around the edges of her caterpillar, and asked her about it. She said it was a highlighting technique that Deanne Fitzpatrick had demonstrated. 

After finishing Charlie…I noticed that the edge of his bow tie got rather lost in the background…so I put a few skattered light mauve loops around that edge, and I like how it just lets the bow tie stand out …not so “in your face” as a complete outline.


I finished the coasters for my sister. The background is actually drab olive…but looks very blue when hooked. I just figured out it is perhaps because of the blue in the eggplant colour…whatever the reason…I’m rather disappointed that the colours…although nice…don’t match Audrey’s furniture.


I am pleased however with the finish. They are hooked with #4 and #6, and I cut #8 strips and glued them around the edges after backing it with felt.


 I’d often had this finishing style described to me, but that’s the first time I’ve done it….won’t be the last though.

The Sunshine Rug Hookers as a group, are very thoughtful to members, and frequently send cards as a thank you or to those who may be ill. Our president asked if I’d make some up using a hooking photo…so I’ve had fun creating these cards with Adele on the front.


My next project will be a footstool for the TV room. I got the pattern from Cindi Gay.


She also provides complete instructions for building the footstool itself, and applying the hooked pattern to it. (that will be Ray’s contribution)

I’m gathering and dyeing wools to get started….but knowing me…this may not (probably won’t) end up bing the colours I use. 


I’m having a bit of trouble dyeing a background colour to go with the chesterfield in the room. It’s called “mink” but isn’t grey, isn’t brown….and changes dramatically with the light. My third attempt is drying on the line right now….fingers are crossed!

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to..

  1. That caterpillar is precious! And I love the coasters. Don’t fret about the color not being exactly what you wanted for a match…she will appreciate them and they are perfect. Your footstool project will be fun and you have some great cheerful colors. It’s nice seeing your projects again!

  2. So glad you like Charlie Miz T….and you’re right…the colour mismatch bothers me but my sister is thrilled with the coasters. It was the messages she had asked for….cheery words to brighten her up as she goes through chemo therapy. I’ve just pulled the first few loops on the footstool, and I can’t wait to do more.

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