Port Severn Get Together

Rughookers don’t need much of an excuse for a get together. Michelle, a rughooker from Maryland put out the message on Yahookers that she was vacationing in Port Severn, so what better chance for some Canadian locals to say hello, and welcome.


Ten of us met at a park on Glouster pool in the village of Port Severn for lunch, hooking, and fun.


This time, I took the picture, so Mary Lou could be in it.


We spread ourselves out under the trees, and in the shade. It was a very hot day by our standards  about 30C , but there was a lovely breeze making it quite comfortable.


It was great that Luise was feeling better and could join us.


She’s working on her barn project.


Here’s our guest of honour..Michelle…from Maryland…enjoying her first trip to Canada.


She is beginning a ‘fish’ kit she picked up at the Purple Sock….appropriate, since fishing has been a favourite activity of her son and husband this week.


Marie, our area rep to OHCG joined us


….and here is her ‘work in progress’…sorry Marie…I should have cropped this picture….(everyone…keep your eyes down….just look at the wonderful hooking she is doing)


Mary Lou popped over by boat from Honey Harbour….bringing brownies and lemonade, as well as her hooking.


Sheila arrived from Singhampton, and is ready to start her barn project.


Cynthia and I came from Orillia….just a 30 minute drive.


Cynthia is doing Wanda Kerr’s Whacky Wednesday challenge. Wanda gave (I think it was 6) words…and you were to record the colour that popped into your mind when you heard that word….then use those colours to create a hooked piece. I just love what Cynthia is creating! I must try this….but then I’m not as creative as Cynthia.


Edie is being supervised by her hubby while she hooks.


Darlene and Ann had hooked all morning in another location…and were more interested in having lunch.  (They both hooked later with full tummies) 

We had a bit of a ‘show and tell’ to share our work.


Michelle has used amazing gold ribbon to create the spectacular vase on this
floral arrangement.


Mary Lou shared the background story of this beautiful oriental.


This is Edie’s wonderful pictorial….she says she works a bit on it every summer.


We had to keep changing our location to stay in the shade.

Such a wonderful day of fun, and friendship as well as hooking. Great story telling too! 


Cynthia was literally rolling on the ground while Ann recounted the story of reporting the theft of 6 pairs of brightly dyed men’s long underwear. 

4 thoughts on “Port Severn Get Together

  1. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing all these photos of your great hooking day in the park. Wish I could have joined you, but a little too far away for me. I know it must have been wonderful fun and I sure hope Michelle loved her first trip to Canada!jill in Ontario

  2. I think she did Jill. She was quite taken with the wonderful surroundings, and the quiet. Being from a big city, she was astounded that on visiting the little wool shop in Coldwater the ladies who were knitting there knew about our up-coming get together. Everybody knows everything in a small town!

  3. Thank you so much for an amazing time! The entire family fell in love with your area. We can’t wait to return!

  4. Well we’d love to make it a yearly event Michelle. Next year we’ll have to give Phyllis lots of advance warning, and maybe she’ll join us! So glad you like our little ‘neck of the woods’. Glad you’re safely home.

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