Passing It On

Last summer when my granddaughter Olivia visited, we enjoyed dyeing wool together, but she felt she didn’t have the patience to try hooking. This year however (with a little pep talk from Nami..”.unlike knitting or crocheting, you can jump all over the place if you get bored doing one colour”)…she asked if she could try it. 

She decided on a 9″ x 9″ size, and I sent her off to draw her pattern. Much to my surprise, she was back in no time flat with her wonderful little duck. 


We transferred it onto red dot, and then onto a piece of linen. I had lots of existing wool for the water, sky, and umbrella, but my yellow stash is limited. So we took  pale yellow wool and used the transitional dye technique using some oranges and rusts, to create some textured colour for the duck, with some darker parts for the wing.


A great dyeing technique for a beginner….no dye…no soaking….and immediate results. (The pale yellow she used for the duck after it was dyed…. is on the bottom)


I don’t have an extra bent hook, and I wanted her to be able to take all her equipment home to Regina with her, so I gave her a medium shank Hartman. Olivia is left handed, and has a very unusual way of holding a pencil, so I just left her to find a grip that was comfortable for her. This is what worked for her…and she took to pulling loops ‘like a duck to water’.


I gave her the wooden frame I used for the longest time, until I purchased a floor frame. I can’t comfortably hook with just a hoop, and I love this little frame as it lets you work hands free. It uses clamps to hold the linen taut…and I could only find 5, so a trip to the store was necessary the next day to get more.


I love how she was so fearless in creating the water with a variety of blues.


She hooked for hours over the next 2 days, and by the time she left this morning it was well on the way to completion! I just love this little fellow, and I’m so proud of her accomplishment. She said what she liked best, was that she could create her own pattern.


She’s off now to visit other Ontario grandparents, with a second piece of linen ready to add a pattern on, and a large bag of worms in a wide variety of colours, her own frame, hook and scissors, and a pile of enthusiasm.

I think she’s hooked!

2 thoughts on “Passing It On

  1. Mary Lou Justason commented on facebook: How sweet the connection between grandmother and granddaughter, especially when hooking is the connection.

  2. Wow! That is awesome! Love the duck, and am glad she had the opportunity to learn! (comment sent by Olivia’s mom)

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