A Quick Catch Up

I’m not sure if the hooking on the footstool will last me until the end of the Olympics. There isn’t a great deal left to do.


I’ve just a little bit to finish on the stripes of the last side, then the bottom sections.


This is the first one I completed, and I haven’t yet fixed the bottom section so it doesn’t bend in. (Sorry Jen…..I’ll get to it )


I used the same colours on each side, but made no effort to match one side to another.


It has been a surprisingly slow process to choose the colour sequences, and make the wiggles change direction.


I’ve had to hunt for bits and pieces of some colours in this last section, and I’ll probably have to dye more of the mink brown/taupe to complete the bottom bands. Then the hard part…making it into a cube.  Fortunately Cindi Gay has wonderful step by step instructions on her website, including a material list for construction of the frame.

I’m looking forward to another grandchild visit this week…this time from one of my 19 year old twin grandsons. Somehow I doubt I’ll be able to convince him to attempt hooking…..giggle …giggle

5 thoughts on “A Quick Catch Up

  1. Patricia Dalton commented on facebook: Oh, elizabeth, I absolutely love this footstool! I would love to do it, but have to finish the half dozen projects I have half finished!

  2. Thanks Gran. Patricia, don’t let that stop you from starting another…I have a stack of pieces that have the hooking finished, and are waiting to be bound….not so fond of that part…sigh

  3. Shirley D Dey commented on facebook: I am hoping, doing it the Doris Eaton way, will make the finishing, go a whole lot faster. Gran.

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