Sometimes I’m a little slow!

I happily completed the hooking on the footstool as it was drawn, then hung it up to look at it. 


It was only after it was finished, and I was contemplating the sewing together, that I realized that when the sides came together,  the solid bottom border needed to match the number of rows in each section. 


Yikes! Mine don’t match at all.


Some have 4 rows at the edge, some 5 or 6.

Extending the coloured stripes down further would be my preference to make each edge the same number of rows,but I don’t have the wool to do that, so…. my next option is to extend the bottom border upwards on the smaller ones. 

That will be nip and tuck….and a royal pain


….because I have hardly any wool left, and I’ll probably have to dye a few more pieces in order to have enough. I don’t mind dyeing substantial amounts, but I’m not so happy to dye a smidgeon.

When I have a major set back like this, I need to step back for a bit, and gain some perspective. Sooo….I began my fall swap mat. 

That’s just an 8″ x 8″ endeavour, but I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I wanted to do fall trees, something I’ve never attempted before.

I looked up lots of pictures on google, and stared at the colours and composition . I found a few hooked examples and carefully studied them as well.


As it turns out, the trees were the easy part. I’m experimenting widely to try and get a ground cover that looks realistic, and implies the distance.


These are supposed to be a secret until sent to the recipient, but my swap mate hasn’t responded to several ‘hello’ emails, so I assume she doesn’t surf the net frequently ( or is away, or doesn’t check her email)…..so I decided to share how I deal with a problem…..do something else for awhile while I ponder a solution!

4 thoughts on “Woops!

  1. Thanks Allyson…glad you like them. I have used the wool you sent me in it. It added a wonderful spark. Can you pick it out?

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